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Best post of the day :)
"Leisure Sunday!"
My thoughts exactly
^ +1.  Indeed, it is the Sanford, now discontinued, on the 97 last.  The Sanford is still available at JAB, but it's called the Lamont.  Same shoe, same last, and I confirmed with AE corporate not too long ago.
Who stocks these?
BB didn't drop Alden.  If anything, the opposite is true.  My understanding is that Alden wasn't thrilled about sales being offered on their products during BB sales, promotions and corporate events, etc.  That said, I don't believe the relationship has ended, as certain models still get stocked periodically.
I second this
I debated the same when I got mine, and I'm equally happy w/ cork (and I do own a few on commando as well and can't tell much of a difference when walking).  Both very durable, both comfy.
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