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Kind of like LA face with an Oakland booty
My vote is for antique bronze MTO - either Malvern or Westminster
I own and really like gold delapre (dover from unipair)
It's $1825   http://www.mrporter.com/en-us/mens/edward_green/windermere-cordovan-leather-derby-shoes/465706   Where do you see $1625?
Mr Porter has a pair of EG plain toe bluchers in Burgundy Crup. They're $1,825.
Only this guy can pull off red boots with a suit!
NO!!! That's the one time where you MUST wear black shoes. If anyone thinks differently, they're simply wrong.
Because EG is trying to discourage a SF Nevis GMTO
Assuming 12D Barrie is a great fit, then I'd suggest 12/12.5E (UK/US) in the 888 last.  
Going the same size in every Alden last is a bit unusual.  Which size in which last fits you best?
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