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I'm the StyleForum Crotch Police.  Let's keep it below the knees, gentlemen.
Your right testicle looks inflamed.  You might want to get that checked out before the weekend.
Smells like tuna, but tastes like chicken...
I partially disagree with your agreement of the disagreement.
Skoak carries a beautiful chestnut Belgravia, and Citi Shoes NYC carries it in Doak and Black, for those interested.
awesome boot, one of my favorites, though I don't own this particular model.
Belgravia is perhaps the nicest looking tassel I've ever seen, and a great model.  Tassels just don't get too much love in general, even on the Alden thread, since the younger generation rarely wears them.  Also, to me at least, the tassel is rarely a "beginner's shoe;" that is, most collectors get it after they've exhausted the staples: bal, derby, penny, boot, monk, etc.
^ Who cares?  If you can buy Lobbs, you can easily just buy a new pair if they start looking funny.    (Seriously though, I haven't owned mine long enough to know)
I use neutral with all mottled finishes to be safe. Even with dark brown misty.
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