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^ Whenever someone says, "with all due respect," whatever comes next is gonna be good!  
Why are people so focused on a guy reselling a pair of shoes? Leave the guy alone. If he wants to spend his precious time buying and reselling a pair of shoes, let him do so. Total waste of time at my opportunity cost, but to each his own. Give the guy a break, he's the Gordon Gekko of SF. Ravello horseshoe loves Anacott Steel.
Thanks real estate guy!
Beautiful, where are these from?
Wonderful summer kicks!
I realize this post is non-Alden, but had to share my love of the Red Wing 1907 boot. I know many of you are into work boots, and I am very happy with this new (and relatively affordable) acquisition. It's a good beater boot when you don't want to ruin your crown jewel make-ups...
Perhaps they want to ensure the integrity of their proprietary quality control process.
Hi all, first time poster in this thread. Just got my first rw boots, the 1907, from the local rw store. Love the way they look, and wore them today. Experienced some heel slippage and feeling a little raw and tender in that area. A half size down was tight in the forefoot, so I erred larger rather than smaller. Any advice?
nephew,wear only if the irr on your 401(k) defined contribution account exceeds 12%
New Posts  All Forums: