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So my wife and I are planning a weekend getaway to San Francisco, and she pulls me aside to show me her logic for picking our hotel. I knew I married the right woman!  
^ "Worn exactly once" per the seller.  Then again, reminds me of the woman who has "only slept with (insert low number here) men."  Luckily, with shoes, you can tell by the extent of wear to the sole and uppers...
I know you haven't asked for advice, but my experience shows that I always regret buying high end shoes in anything other than browns, blacks and burgundies.  The grays/greens/blues/etc always end up getting a back seat in the closet after the novelty wears off, which is pretty quickly IMO.  But others can (and will) disagree. But I know the Maestro SFTG has my back on this point.  I learned this lesson from him 
Jumper is Leather Soul c. 2012, from a time before all they did was sell tennis shoes, Hawaiian shirts, and post pictures of pork plate lunches.  Purchased from a fellow collector.   On a related note, remember when MTV used to show music videos?
[IMG] Which looks better: Pitt or Jumper?
Cigar Jumpers enjoying their car ride home from the mailbox store. Hope you enjoy your new home little puppies
Guys, this conversation has already been exhausted several times on this thread. No one cares to recycle it. Carry on please.
You'll likely have the opportunity again, though it's doubtful that cigar will look as good as it used to
While I realize Alden is the Master of Shell Cordovan, you really ought to check out these EG PTBs in Color 8.  Unbelievably refined.   Selling like hotcakes at $1825 a pair!   http://www.mrporter.com/en-us/mens/edward_green/windermere-cordovan-leather-derby-shoes/465706
New Posts  All Forums: