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Some new Nevis boots on eBay - wish they were my size!   http://www.ebay.com/itm/NIB-Edward-Green-Nevis-Mahogany-Country-Calf-boots-size-UK-9-5-US-10-E606-/271987502945?hash=item3f53b7ef61
thank you, but the 3485 is actually not their birdseye model. But I do believe they're similar
How is this suit for finance/investment banking?   http://us.suitsupply.com/en_US/suits/sienna-blue-plain/P3485I.html?start=3&cgid=Suits&prefn1=styleFit&prefv1=Classic-Sienna
Ravello NST
Just got my MTO Nevis boots from Skoak in 9.5/10E606, Mahogany CC.   PM me if you want them.  They're stunning, but I'm flooded with shoes/boots and don't have the same needs I did 6 mos ago when I ordered
If anyone's interested in size 36 Alden belts in Cigar and Whiskey, excellent cond. , please PM me.  Thanks
And Mandingo has a reasonably sized penis...
Congrats!!!  I wore my Ravello PTBs for the birth of both children.  Snapped a pic similar to yours as well :)
I'd sell the Black captoe on grant and Color 8 wt boot only bc i like the others more
Best post of the day :)
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