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I'll second the praise of Phil at Ashland Leather. I have a beautiful "saddle" cordovan Fat Herbie from him. Great to work with, excellent communication, top quality and fast turnaround.
These were my last 2 cordovan shells...probably the thickest I've ever seen and made 2 excellent pieces. Both are "natural". The first is a wallet made from a single piece of shell and folded. The only seams are on the 2 edges. The second is a  horizontal open wallet. Both are hand-sewn with heavy kevlar thread @ 6 spi. I'm a software guy and just do this for fun.  
Even better...got the 25% from another AD and pulled the trigger on this one. Great watch!
It's my first high end watch purchase and was hoping to buy from an AD as I'm planning on keeping it for a long while. I managed to find a 15% discount from one AD although 8 out of 10 said "nothing" and one said "5%". I've checked the grey market sites and the one you mentioned is the best at 18% with a month long wait. I think I'm going to jump on the 15%. $6970 from an AD with the full warranty is worth the peace of mind I've officially joined the fancy...
I was thinking heavily on an Omega PO Chronograph   http://www.omegawatches.com/gents/seamaster/planet-ocean-chrono/23230465101003   What sort of discount should I expect on this nowadays through an AD? I've seen some posts with people getting 25%-30% but spoke to two jewellers in CT who laughed and said "Maybe 5%...these fly out the door".   With an $8200 retail, I was hoping to get somewhere around $6K. Am I being unrealistic or just need to shop...
High praise indeed. Thanks
Handmade Shell Cordovan wallet    
That's definitely not a Horween's shell and I doubt that's really a genuine Cordovan. Looks like bastardized horse butt with some additional processing. JMHO
Noah...just an FYI that I'm just a hobbyist not a professional who's going to sell anything based on your work.  Thank you for the inspiration. I decided to add a row of stitching to the folded over edge of the wallet. The originals are about 5-6 oz leather and this is probably 3-4. It'll keep the edge looking nicer longer. 
I just finished sewing up a Whiskey Shell Cordovan wallet using Noah Lambert's design. (like my black example above). Made from a single piece of leather folded over. Love the color on this one. Will post pics tonight.   
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