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Do any of you own the Regent Fit "Ultimate Travel Blazer"?  If so, do you have any thoughts on it?  I"m thinking of picking one up in the ivory color.  Thanks.,default,pd.html?dwvar_MM00109_Color=OYST&contentpos=22#BVRRWidgetID
I'm looking for a nice travel bag for personal trips (must be carry on) and maybe some day trips for work.  I originally bought the small briefcase bag, but it was way too small.  I returned it and got the rucksack thinking it'd be easier to throw around the shoulders and could carry more stuff.  Is there a better bag than the rucksack for my intentions?  I don't have a Filson store near me so I can only look online.  I haven't touched the tags on the rucksack so I could...
I have the blue Neumok's and they're amazing.  Never had so many compliments on a shoe before.   I agree on the Chukkamoks tho.  I wanted to order those yesterday because the deal was so good, but I just couldn't do it haha
Anybody have any feedback on the Long Branch?  With the grey ones on sale, I'm wondering if these can stand up to a Chicago winter.  Anybody worn these in the winter?  I wouldn't be wearing them out to shovel snow or anything, but would be stepping in snow/salt while walking around the city.  
I'd go for Omega or Breitling.  I think Omega's still offer one of the best values out of any watch manufacturer.  I have a Planet Ocean XL and love the thing.  You can dress it up or down with different straps, and it's been extremely reliable for me.  Pretty sure you can get one for under $5M with warranty too.   BTW, you can always get a used Rolex or something, but everyone and their brother has a Submariner.  In the last several years I've seen less than 10...
Haven't left yet.  I'm leaving for Ireland next week, and will head to Barcelona after.  Thanks for the great tips!
are Chinos considered "dress trousers" for this sale?
I have this dilemma as well, so I thought I'd chime in.  I just bought 2 sportcoats and this is what I had to go through.  I have an athletic/muscular figure, and have broad shoulders (about 6 ft, 195#).  I measure out to a 44R, but in the Fitzgerald and Regent I have to size up to a 45R and have the sides taken in (and sleeves shortened) because it's much too tight in the shoulders and arms.  In the Madison, I can wear a 44R (it has bigger armholes, more room in the...
Mugler - A Men Pure Havane
Thanks for the well thought out response.  There are some great ideas in your post.  Thanks!
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