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I bought these last week on sale and was thinking I could wear them as casual.  Just picked them up from the store's tailor and they seem OK with an untucked polo and some casual leather shoes.    Thoughts?
I'm not ignoring. Was just doing a bit of off topic discussion. I am reading all this great advice and heeding it.   I am color blind (seriously) and tend to stick with black as a safe color. 
double post
I really appreciate your advice but I would say you are a bit over the top on the "Business Attire" definition. Dress has slid to the casual. My office and all the companies I deal with are either business casual or business. I rarely see suits outside of higher management. Tech has irrevocably changed dress in this country in all offices even outside of tech.      But back on topic, I love ties and have many I don't often wear because I don't wear them without a jacket....
I think I would agree if it said Business Formal, but the invitation just asks for "Business Attire" which today I don't think demands a suit.  Business Formal or Black Tie are pretty specific so I follow the norm, but in this case I think my preference of suit avoidance should be ok. As for the black trousers, I was thinking something like this but with a very light blue shirt and tie.  Thanks!  
Going to a party calling for "Business Attire". Most everyone will be in suits, but I don't like suits, mostly wear dress pants and shirts to work. I was thinking of buying a blazer and wearing it with black dress pants and a light blue shirt and tie.    Would dark navy or a grey would go better with black + light blue?   Would you go with the tie or just shirt?
Is this considered a common amount of creasing after wearing a show ONCE?     Seems excessive to me. The shoe with the perfing has been worn a total of one time compared to the shoe on the left which is new. 
Do most people here find they wear the same size across the AE line?  The salesman at AE retail store told me they use the 5 last to size people which I found a little weird. 
Wow, actually the person I quoted (not you) was talking to me or at least quoted my original post about my situation which has nothing to do with 'Bloomindales' (sic)   See the problem here is you have failed on 2 basics needs of communication   1. Who are you communicating with  2. What is the subject
I quoted someone named 'gbr' is that you also?  I have no idea what you mean when you say I must do the same thing so please enlighten me. 
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