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i agree.   seeing a fanny walking round in boots that look brand new is awful...they need to have marks on them.   also putting something on the bottom...the cobbler needs to rough / scratch up the sole anyway so may aswell wear them a while. i havent done anything to any of mine.
i think he knows all this...   he's not gonna look out the window, see it pissing it down and think *i'll put my suede boots on*   but weather changes...   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6pUcrYYMLAE
no self respecting 'rock star' (or anyone with anything about them for that matter) would wear black plain trainers with shiny diamond bits on the side lol
 what size are the aw13 you have?
sleeves in most items seem to be too long. anyone else think this?   anyone had shortened...i'm talking leathers and suede jackets...worried that the alteration places wont stitch through the existing stitch holes though and end up looking a mess.   i have the classic biker (01?) in a 44...would anyone swap for 44 other biker (L17?)
half? two thirds if you're lucky?
anywhere with that shirt in a 38/15 in europe?
havent seen a 48 for sale (apart from when it was out).   measures like 53cm / 54cm across the chest pulled tight in a 44. 48 would be like a tent i reckon (dunno what sleeves would be like either as it's not a 'tight' fit).   i'm 6 foot also so not a shrimp (it's long also).   not trying to sell mine / or want to. but know how maddening in can be to buy something expensive that's wrong size.
yeah, the best one that. have you tried it on? it fits big. i have it in a 44. (and i'm not saying that in the way them idiot ebay sellers say it...tag size 48 but fits 44, 46, 50, 52 lol)    
top two are same (collars / cut / rounded bottom) but different colours.    bottom one has 1950s style cut (loop collar / flat bottom). (of course a different check also).   you're welcome.          
New Posts  All Forums: