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no. and they did the originals in every cut. normal. western. oversized.   the new ones are crap in comparison (colour / material).
oh, yeah. i didnt mind read that bit.
they've got a 44 on the site now.
does anyone know how undercover product code works...to identify the year etc thanks
i think shipped today. have you logged in and checked order details?
is the viscose thinner than last seasons viscose? thought it was a little thick (especially for SS).
i presume they will have done the blue and black check in western style also but have they done it like the original? or with just a button on the shirt to close the pockets...rather than a flap pocket. i know probably dont know yet but...if anyone had seen in stores.
did it sell well? wasnt anything / very very few things you couldnt buy in the sale / sold out, that i saw. unless thats with EVERYONE ordering too much, i dont know...
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