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looks like he's sat on the toliet and got the jeans round his knees.
really? i've never seen wear and tear happen like that. just looks like some young girl has bought a brand new pair of jeans and put slashes / holes in em. at least them ones havent got the ones on the back also.
ssense have got a slightly different chesterfield i think. or try the womens version?
nah, its just so it fits everyone. happened with dior homme.   runway looks skinny, retail versions fitted like shit (on 90% of stuff).
sounds like a nightmare that. one of the annoying things about shoe repairs / clothing alterations is you usually only get an idea of how good / bad someone is after the damage is done.
yeah, looks better when well worn / old. lots of creases and the suede brushed in different directions.  
He doesn't but carry on. Just don't know how people can think a pair of jeans that comes in a standard length looks as good on people under 5 and half foot and over 6.
Is there any pics?We talking about the guy who just said he's 5 foot 6 ?
stacking looks good here       http://www.brownsfashion.com/product/02C832800003/027/washed-skinny-jeans
but you said you tried the old version on?  
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