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393655 y835j 1000
what are the 60mm chelsea side zips? i presume these are 40mm side zips? http://www.ysl.com/gb/shop-product/men/shoes-boots-wyatt-40-chelsea-zipped-boot-in-black-leather_cod44821548pi.html#section=men_shoes
you could change the buttons?
size 48 and 50 for £980  https://www.mrporter.com/en-gb/mens/saint_laurent/western-suede-flight-jacket/592142?ppv=2  
there was an interview or something with Hedi saying he used to give them the boots to wear for a while before the shows so they didnt look brand new (on the runway) dunno if they did that on later seasons or just 'distressed' them
what about dyeing a suede jacket? whats good to use or best way to do it?   thanks
i bet that shuts them up
they didnt have full size run (just shows like that sometimes) but then they increased the discount this morning (to 40 or 50% off) i suppose there's a chance the person who bought could return if it doesnt fit so if you email them asking to be put on alert you could get lucky
they cant have otherwise they would have said thanks?   but it had been on ebay for hours and then bought within an hour of the link being posted here
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