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What jacket was he wearing?
congrats on your purchase then.
no, because usually a want to buy post means they want it for about a third of retail price.     i really like the want to buy ones that state item must be new with tags / unworn. 
the chunky gold zipper (size 10?) looks great on the older ones...breaks the boot up a bit.   the used a less chunky one (7/8?) on some...but had a bit of suede covering it...   have they now switched to size 5 ykk? and hidden?   neonrider, what size are you?
whats the store?
denim jacket is shocking lol.  maybe can unpick it?   rat shirt print is a bit uniform? too much in straight lines.
that denim jacket is here. http://www.mientus.com/de/saint-laurent-denim-jacket-1.html   posting back to ssense. how do you deal with the customs etc?
why would it be 'lol' if people stop buying saint laurent?   surely its hedi slimane people like, not the brand?
  text him and ask??
burberry prorsum was the original a couple of years ago but they brought that burberry brit version out this spring / summer. fit is terrible on both.
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