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hi, the 100% silk shirts. they're dry clean only on the tag.   has anyone just handwashed or anything?   just got a few and gonna be a pain / expensive, having to dry clean all the time.
anyone got it in a 37 / 38? thanks
i know you didnt say it was loud.   but your post knocked one item for being loud and another for being plain (or rather agreed with someone else saying this). you can get a different item of every slp item for cheaper...of course.   but you can see people wearing them and they look alot better than people in cheaper versions (in my eyes).   i asked as in London the cashmere version chesterfield is on sale in that size.
what size are you looking for in the chesterfield? and whereabouts are you? yeah, its plain but so what.   in your next paragraph you talk about the zipper jeans being loud.
decent vintage hawaiian shirts cost more than the slp.
i think 42F is around 44.   the guy on last page could always get varsity in 40F (dont know why he's not considering it). as 44M looks bad.
womans version is skinny and tight sleeves. mens version fits big and loose.   i prefer skinny and tight. as i feel it looks more...expensive??   big and loose always seems like you went vintage shopping for a varsity and they only had that one in the store and you bought it even though its not your size.
what did you order?   would like a certain shirt in the next week or so but dont want to order if they might be in the stores before (i visited today and they had a few items out...could have asked what else but was already taking up enough of their time).
its not the old one? (on phone small pics).   http://www.upscalehype.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/David-Beckham-wears-navy-Saint-Laurent-double-breasted-gold-buttoned-officer-coat-and-Alexander-McQueen-Red-Cashmere-Crew-Neck-Sweater-at-HM-Superbowl-Event.jpg   http://www.ysl.com/gb/shop-product/women/ready-to-wear-coat-signature-caban-coat-in-black-felted-wool_cod34362657ma.html
New Posts  All Forums: