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can you pull them down onto your hips a little?   and turn em up as much as possible so there's no stacking at all.   then take a pic.   you got them cheap or something?
they look too big for you.   and the stacking looks awful.    how tall are you?
calm down lol
yeah, he probably looks back and wonders what the fuck he was thinking...   if you and him want to wear your stuff like justin bieber does, fair enough.   i'm not 'enraged'. i would just walk past, the phrase 'what a cunt' would flash through my mind and i'd be thinking what shall i eat today in the next split second.
wtf 'looks good' ?   he's wearing them like that justin bieber pic...and said he bought em after seeing that pic.   he's got his jeans tucked in his boots...its x factor 101 or whatever.
  did it have press stud fastening?
yes, worthy of a ban.   i feared username meant he was a bieber fan. tragic.
Hi, is there a way to find out why a member is banned? thanks
Thanks to both for posting the code. (Get so many emails from them just delete without really looking). Is it on Saint Laurent stuff aswell? New items? Just spent quite a bit on a jacket last week. Hopefully they can refund me the discount if i ask.
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