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i think shipped today. have you logged in and checked order details?
is the viscose thinner than last seasons viscose? thought it was a little thick (especially for SS).
i presume they will have done the blue and black check in western style also but have they done it like the original? or with just a button on the shirt to close the pockets...rather than a flap pocket. i know probably dont know yet but...if anyone had seen in stores.
did it sell well? wasnt anything / very very few things you couldnt buy in the sale / sold out, that i saw. unless thats with EVERYONE ordering too much, i dont know...
i meant in the same way everyone bought the denim and leather zip jeans.   they work for them to get 'likes' on instagram / whatever.    this one is the best one. cashmere should make it nice to the touch too.  
yeah, sorry. i meant cuts were shit on a lot of last / this seasons items...sleeves way too long / body too short etc.   that plain chesterfield, dont like the material (the diagonal wool), quite itchy too. they should have stuck with the original velvet collar one (came plain collar too).   the grey one wasnt skinny fit and pockets were vertical. ruined a nice coat.   best coat this season looks the double breasted long one. that leopard one is nice but probably...
the black chesterfield with cut out velvet collar ? or the one with the odd collar / lapels?   not good that the sizing / cut is shit. you can want items but then the cut isnt good / skinny, so it limits what you can buy.
did he take a bow?
neiman marcus. i remember last year / season, some stuff got uploaded then taken off for a while.  
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