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so shit you cant embed most gifs
thats my friday night sorted
no one knows someone might say its better but its just 'different' - i'd imagine they can buy more expensive skins at a cheaper price now they are making more / ordering more (than in 13) so... but some guy who came on a forum touched it in a shop once and could feel the 'quality'
we know what staple means   if you meant 'permanent collection' just say that, you dumb shit   let me know if you need 'dumb shit' translating
what does 'staple in the collection' mean?
same with the black suede chelsea 40mm
i am calm  was just highlighting your idiocy whats wrong with ordering the 29s off ysl to get an idea of size then? or in other sizes off other sites?
so in one part of your post you say they fit different season to season but dont mention what season yours are but expect people to be able to help you fuck sake order the 29s off ysl to get an idea?  
were 'washed grey' only out for one season or something?
i was fucking about - calm down on the womens i've handled (where i've handled the same mens shirt) more or less everything seems the same / very similar apart from the sleeves being shorter  
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