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was on the runway. maybe not out yet? or been and sold out?  
yeah, its python. they've been out since day dot?
which jacket without tags are people talking about?
 yeah, always like that phillip lim. could never find it though. the braided sleeves and other versions were a bit trendy / faddy. and they were the ones about. plain soft one looked great. 
they dont look as good though. thats my main gripe. i understand on the cowboy boots to have a smaller zipper etc. 
? i just asked a question about blogs.   you think people are having a go at you personally for posts not even directed towards you / relating to anything you've said ... but then also you have sly digs at everyone else?   you talk about "you dont get IT" ...  "its not intended for you / that kind of person" ...  "you can only wear slp if you are 30 waist and under" (but then wears 48s in jackets yourself).   you sound like a right fucking prat to be honest lol
i didnt read the first couple of sentences of that post. "we're cool" lol   stick to the 1d fanfic. gave me a laugh.
wasnt a criticism, just curious. the layout reminded me of the whats-he-wearing blog.   wondered how many items he got sent...   seemed to stop posting in december though?
do people who have these blogs hope that they get given / bought, the items on the 'wishlist'?
 the black knitted cape / blanket, with colours? its 49,000.
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