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sales assistants trying to sell stuff ?!  
do you work at a webshop or something? (only mean as seen your listings in past).
translated = can i get away with stealing the garment bag.
i saw the pics. it was the L17 with pins in it (not the pinned jacket from this season).
If you can fit a 41 and base your shoe size on ankle design then you are an idiot and have been wearing the wrong size shoes all your life.
Ring them you fucking drip.
yeah, saw that the other day... know he wore the wyatt black leather harness on the aw13(?) runway but i've mostly seen him in the chelsea elastic ones. to me just calling everything 'hedi' is lazy / cheapens it.
why are they called 'hedi' boots?
it looks quite bad.    it looks bad if it was a 25 quid jacket...for a grand one it looks really bad.  
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