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3 great 'rock gods'. jim morrison, robert plant, and erm...g easy.
thought i'd have a look at what he was wearing   lol
same. in a bigger size seem very long when looking down on them (which is how you'll see them 99% of the time).would be better with the seams like on the website pictures; would break them up a little.
you can just label anything 'shit' as vaccarello to fit your point they done shit bikers since 13    actually say the items you mean instead of being vague    i dont really like it anyway but i think its just the wrong size on ssense (fringes look crap also but) a few items (that have been out for a while) had them zip pulls also   when they've done mens and womens versions of stuff they've kept proportions or whatever the same and it doesnt work womens version...
http://www.belstaff.co.uk/new-in/mens-new-in/new-gransden-jacket-black%2Fbrown/71020361L81A0347-Black%2FBrown.html   email em and tell em they doing it wrong
The perfect fit is where you want it to end. Ignore that bollocks about about doing weights / wearing gloves etc
just picking the right hanger really but yeah hate it when people dont / or arent aware that it makes a difference
Python devon
they'll just come apart naturally at the sides as nothing holding them together (if you dont put any stitches in)
is that yours?   where did you get it from? only ask as i remember some of the other belts once ordered came in different coloured buckles (to what was advertised) and maybe they've added the middle hump?
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