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why would it be 'lol' if people stop buying saint laurent?   surely its hedi slimane people like, not the brand?
  text him and ask??
burberry prorsum was the original a couple of years ago but they brought that burberry brit version out this spring / summer. fit is terrible on both.
billwhittaker - its not a concern that its a fake / copy?   if so, zara did a copy (for girls) lots on ebay. (that one you posted the pic of has the zip on the girls side anyway).
what you mean 'that jacket'?   its a fake / copy of another one.
are you telling me to get over myself?   wasnt on about leather quality or sizing.   you said about differences...they look quite different to me. only thing you can see is the sole??
is "shoe" a shape like square / circle on here?   ones pointed and ones rounded?   they look different?    are people struggling with their sight?   or does it just need to say 'saint laurent paris' on the labels and fuck it?
"Thank you. I knew it had to be some type of difference other than the elastic being leather."   yes. the FUCKING shaaapppeee!! fuck sake.
well shape's different and ones got leather on the elasticated bit.
apart from the fact that they look different?  
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