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yeah, me neither. (to grapist)   it was just a question...   and i will probably risk ruining one with a handwash...i was just asking if anyone else has already ruined one with a machine wash or a handwash...   vintage 1950s shirts are delicate too (cost more / harder to find / hold their value better, than SLP) and they wash in the machine fine (although i mainly handwash).   i thought i saw the topic discussed earlier in the thread that was all...
well maybe that's an exaggeration...or an extreme...   but maybe only thing stopping me is i dont want to be paying X amount a week having shirts dry cleaned if i dont need to.   and the viscose ones are 'dry clean only' too.
  yeah, the ones that arent 100% silk still say dry clean also...   wearing 5 shirts a week it's going to add up if have to dry clean them every time.   seen studies on 'dry clean only' stuff...9 out of 10 it doesnt make a difference. 
hi, the 100% silk shirts. they're dry clean only on the tag.   has anyone just handwashed or anything?   just got a few and gonna be a pain / expensive, having to dry clean all the time.
anyone got it in a 37 / 38? thanks
i know you didnt say it was loud.   but your post knocked one item for being loud and another for being plain (or rather agreed with someone else saying this). you can get a different item of every slp item for cheaper...of course.   but you can see people wearing them and they look alot better than people in cheaper versions (in my eyes).   i asked as in London the cashmere version chesterfield is on sale in that size.
what size are you looking for in the chesterfield? and whereabouts are you? yeah, its plain but so what.   in your next paragraph you talk about the zipper jeans being loud.
decent vintage hawaiian shirts cost more than the slp.
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