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dont high armholes restrict movement?   why dont people just spend the extra 10-20 on shipping and try items on and send stuff back? would rather be that amount down than wearing a 500 - 2000 item that doesnt fit cause some guy on the internets head / body is different to mine.
yeah, i thought the same on that jacket when trying it on...wash looks good but sleeves are awful.  
are we talking about the black leather trainers with glitter bits on them or is there another pic i cant see?   look cheap and trampy as fuck. very jeremy kyle guest. 
to prudy, what size did you get in that paisley and what size in the tunic type top you got?   the tunic much thicker?  i tried that paisley but was VERY thin and felt like would rip quite easily.
the ones on mr porter look like the newer version (bit more like the 13 colour). check their pictures.
what do you want to happen? or hope for?   get a needle and thread and stitch it back on if you need it there.
looks like spring summer 2014.
Really? Thought that was only link I have posted. The daft punk pic? They're wearing custom aw15. Mine have relevance.
is that some kind of twatty response not realising i've posted a link to pics of someone wearing the saint laurent espadrilles that someone asked for above?
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