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some lurker   was mentioned a couple days ago about taking your normal size
i was just looking to start an argument   
can you post the product shots and point out the differences?
393655 y835j 1000
what are the 60mm chelsea side zips? i presume these are 40mm side zips? http://www.ysl.com/gb/shop-product/men/shoes-boots-wyatt-40-chelsea-zipped-boot-in-black-leather_cod44821548pi.html#section=men_shoes
you could change the buttons?
size 48 and 50 for £980  https://www.mrporter.com/en-gb/mens/saint_laurent/western-suede-flight-jacket/592142?ppv=2  
there was an interview or something with Hedi saying he used to give them the boots to wear for a while before the shows so they didnt look brand new (on the runway) dunno if they did that on later seasons or just 'distressed' them
what about dyeing a suede jacket? whats good to use or best way to do it?   thanks
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