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yeah, why's everyone got this thing about 'sizing up' or 'sizing down'?
i think its just a bad photo.  just that i hate people doing 'research' after they've bought an item... or someone chirping up with 'its fake' and the buyer starts a claim or whatever on some random persons say so.   came in suede too. http://www.vogue.fr/vogue-hommes/mode/diaporama/shopping-on-the-road-kerouac-vogue-hommes-international-/10344/carrousel#bottines-chelsea-saint-laurent-en-daim-650-euros
be careful before labelling stuff as fake if you dont know what you're talking about.   as said you're wasting peoples time and costing them money.   http://www.barneys.com/saint-laurent-blake-chelsea-boots-502421195.html?utm_medium=affiliate&siteID=TnL5HPStwNw-tRB9oexT7e55GPKnbDfpxg&utm_source=TnL5HPStwNw
what does it matter if already ended?   unless you are the buyer in which case you should have done your research before buying instead of potentially wasting the sellers time / money and backing out of the deal afterwards.   hate people like you on ebay.   if you want to try on at home etc pay more and buy from stores / websites so you get these privileges.   they look real to me.
Why, what's he worn?
maybe a typo and meant to put 35.5? is there a ss15 belt with an oval / ellipse buckle? thought i'd seen one but cant find on any websites.
Haven't we just done this 2 posts ago. Read motherfucker. Read!
there's no 'appear to be'.   its an old company. no around any more.
its TT leathers.
you mean the shadow plaids?   gonna see every cunt in them now / in the AW.    them, zipped knee jeans and some shit trainers... *pukes*       daft punk version of studded teddy was better with loose waist / cuffs was better.   usually better stuff comes on other sites.
New Posts  All Forums: