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i like when people post "just want what i paid" yeah no shit
the raglan sleeved one? oh didnt know they'd started getting this stuff in skinny sleeves?   i thought hedi looked awful in the pics of him wearing the one on lvr and the guitar jacket you mention is the biker one also on ysl?   looks good but maybe a bit faddy
whats the 70s teddy?
the actual boot pictures are from ssense   a few sites stocked them (nathalie shuterman had them in all colours in the sale heavily discounted)   out in 2013
top view of that boot      but whatevs
Are you from Earth? Have you ever bought / tried on shoes before. Jesus fucking christ.
its not the boot you received though is it cause thats a stock pic   'online' could be anywhere so just say where you got em from and take pics of your actual boots and we dont have to go through this bollocks
very strange ssense doing that was waiting for further discounts on a couple of things now even with another they probably wont go to what they were
it starts instore on the 15th (someone may know different?)   why if someone disagrees with you are they 'pissed off' (or whatever)? i do like it how 2 people volunteered themselves as the dipshit though haha   you can add that guy on the other page who didnt know what size shoe he needed or that guy recently who had a pair of size 30 jeans that were too small and a pair of size 32 that were too big and wasnt sure what to do  
New Posts  All Forums: