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on the official site?   is that U.S?   usually there first isnt it?
you cut the belt off?
first agyness deyn now johnny borrell.
is there any pics of the guy in the black leather studded jacket? thanks
sorry, where it matters winter hasnt started.
lol winter not even started.
i thought i'd seen it at a few other places too.   http://www.farfetch.com/uk/shopping/men/saint-laurent-single-breasted-coat--item-11152008.aspx?storeid=9089&ffref=lp_pic_8_2_
all LVR stuff is samples so what they'll look like when released, who knows.
whats point in buying skinny jeans to then wear them loose?
yes but its like i said.   sometimes buttons fly jeans might have an extra button once you up go up to bigger sizes etc. otherwise proportions are off.
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