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  yeah i was joking anything 'good' is Hedi while anything 'bad' is Vaccarelloeven if its got a dinosaur / whatever on it
look pretty nice them where's that? (country) edit;  i'm guessing this will be billed as Hedis work 
 wouldnt it be better to get the spray on fit ones and have them loosen up? or with your way - get a pair thats already too big - let them become bigger - get them made smaller  rep sounds like a divvy - should get him in this thread - fit right in  
why did you need to quote the exact 6 same pics directly underneath?   cutting a strap off some boots is a pretty easy job for any human - doesnt have to be a specialist
yeah he edited and added a pic its just that its green velvet everywhere bar ysl website  and we know ysl doesnt always use the correct images also on ysl it looked like body wasnt velvet (just maybe the trim)
which velvet teddy?  
really?   about as good as pop art prints and 'testing out shelving' = putting shoes on a rack   the internet is so annoying
Yeah, was gonna say it's worthless (the term).
its fake not looked at other listings and not saying why but 100% fake
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