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For the new charcoal crewneck sweater, it looks like it is a warmer charcoal, than the charcoal sweater from last year. Is that true, or is it just the lighting? It looks like it has some nice brown and olive tones in it this year.     
  What brand of mink oil do you use? I know a lot of brands mix a lot of different stuff into their mink oil like pork fat, silicone, etc. About the only 100% mink oil I can find is made by Trappers. 
Bought these off of ebay but they don't fit me.  I have positive feedback across multiple forums and ebay on request. 
Double post.
Looking for GBV white and blue OBCD in size small. PM me any offers. Thanks. 
Brand new. Washed once cold and line dried. Would prefer to ship in the US only.    16.75 Shoulder 20" Pit to Pit 25.75" Length measuring front placket   I have feedback from a number of other forums and ebay I can provide. 
The button my my black skinnies popped off last night after less than 48 hrs of wear. After taking a look at it, I was able to thread it back onto the teeth. Then I took an allen wrench that just barely fit into the rivet and a hammer and flattened everything down again. Easy. I doubt that suckers coming off anytime soon. 
I just had an interaction with Blue Owl that I wanted to share. I ordered a couple pairs from them a year ago or so, but I'm not as in shape as I was 6 months ago so I wanted to buy a couple of pairs a size up. I should have checked the sizing charts because when I got them they were too bagy below the knee for my asthetic. After talking fitting with Jay, he helped me exchange them for a different style, mailed me the new pairs even before I got my return tracking...
One of my all time favorite beers is the Ninkasi's double IPA. It's from a local brewery that's been expanding really rapidly of late. I like better than Dogfish Head's IPA, and even Pliny the Elder.    [[SPOILER]]
I liked clothes since high school but I didn't get serious about it until the last couple years or so. I started off on MFA and got the basics down, and now I'm trying push my style more and fuse menswear with military and streetstyle influences so I can make it work in the casual PNW.
New Posts  All Forums: