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Are EPLA polos still in the works?
Up for sale is one pair of Epaulet Walt Trousers, size 31. The material is sanded UK canvas; color is grey. Retail was $175, I'm asking $65.00. These have a great, slim cut. They've been worn a few times, washed cold/cold and line dried. Unfortunately, they shrank close to two inches in length. I then had my tailor let out the inseam, but they shrank a bit more after that. Additionally, as you can see from the pictures they have a crease-line where the tailor let out the...
Not just you. Website measurements are shorter. I ordered a couple sizes to compare, and I had to size up one to get sleeves that half-way fit. They'll be serviceable as long as they don't shrink a mm. I'll mostly roll them anyway. Fabric is really nice!
Is the chambray Doyle going to be up for order soon?
Can we get a run down of what's in the works for Doyle fabrics? I really like the upcoming chambray, but I'm curious to know what else is coming. I probably have one more Doyle purchase left in me this year.   Thanks!
Anyone else notice wider arms on their new Gitman MTO shirts? I received mine yesterday and noticed the arms looked pretty billowy. I measured it and some of my other EP shirts, laying flat approximately at the bicep. The Gitman measured 1" more than my older EPs (8" vs 7"). Is this a design change or an error? Just curious.... Other than the wide sleeves the shirt is top notch. The TTX Oxford is nice!
This sounds awesome! Hopefully it works out to make some longs. Maybe preorders?
Same for me. I figure they will get here eventually.
I'm 6' 3", and I have a size 40 Doyle. The length is exactly what I was looking for. I thought it might be too short when I read the measurements, but in reality it's a perfect fit.
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