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Ive got some collar gap on this suit when i raise my arms. i believe arm holes are high enough and the chest if full enough, im wondering if the gap can be fixed?   Thank you for advice            
I've had these Florsheims for about 3 years. they've definitely got some wear and tear and im absolutely OK with that but im wondering if i could be doing a better job of taking care of them (i.e. inside of the right shoe has some scuffing, is this normal or could they be looking better?). I polish and apply a little amber shoe cream maybe once per 10 wears or so.     Any feedback or advice is much appreciated  Thanks!
hmmm, could i get a second opinion? i would have said i need to shorten the rise in the pants and pull them up from the waistband in the back so they hang off my waist and not just collapse around my thighs/calves. the jacket fabric collapses in between my shoulder blades in the upper back and needs to get shortened from the collar. am i really being too neurotic about the fit?
Im hoping for some feedback on this recent MTM attempt. The suit's construction is very nice but im not very happy with the fit (the pants could probably be fixed, im especially concerned with the jacket's extra fabric through the shoulder blades and possible collar gap... hard to fix problems...). Im loathe to return to suit to the store but thats what im considering at this point. Could i get some advice on what to fix and whether its realistically worth it compared to...
Moving for work, but its an engineering company so there's alot of 'business casual' with Reeboks.   Im mainly just pissed i need to leave all my nice clothes at home for 2 years, i'll have to make sure i dont fill out at all
Im moving from Vancouver, Canada to Lima, Peru for a year or two in the next month or so. Im wondering what advice SF has on what kind of clothing to bring with me? Im thinking casual button downs and jeans/chinos for the most part - from what ive seen most Peruvians seem fairly dressed down and casual. Im thinking i'll have to leave my suits at home as it doesnt seem like i'll get much use out of them, plus theyre all lined and Lima is going to be bloody hot by my...
Quick question:   Is it possible to alter a jacket to open the quarters more? I believe this is typically a balance issue, thus the front must be lengthened - take apart the jacket at the seam across the top of the shoulder and resew the fronts a bit lower? This sounds both high-risk and expensive but i dont believe 'cutting away' the coat below the 2nd button would produce the desired effect 
Oops, should have posted 'medium' pics, not 'large', im taking up the whole bloody page!
Gents   Take 2 of a MTM attempt.   The main thing to fix is the trouser rise, when i sit down there is loads of excess material in my lap and the crotch doesnt need to be as low as it is. I also think the chest, just below the armholes, is a bit bulky, going to ask my tailor if that can be adjusted at the seams (wont adjust at the armholes, too much work!) and maybe a touch more waist suppression.   As always thank you very much for the...
gents looking for some more advice on a recent MTM attempt. I just noticed upon posting these my top button is undone, my apologies about that. Im going to ask for a remake with the following changes, please let me know if i am on-track or not? Jacket: shorten sleeves 3/8", trouser hem correction shorten quarters by 0.5-1" (i think this jacket makes my legs look squat, would shortening the jacket be the best way to correct this?) reduce shoulder measurement...
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