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 This is great. My dad taught at Proviso West for about 20 years.
 I recently picked up a pair of women's 8.5AAA Ferragamo's and I'm running into the same problem. Lesson learned.
 Is Nikkos the place in Arlington Heights? I've never been but have read great things.
Some recent items over the last week or two Brooks Brothers Loro Piana Cashmere - 46L (N/A)  [[SPOILER]]  Facconable  car coat w/ Loro Piana Storm System - XL (N/A)  [[SPOILER]]  Sons of Intrigue peak lapel sport coat with surgeon cuffs, Size XL   [[SPOILER]]  Polo Toggle Coat - Size XXL (N/A) [[SPOILER]]  Vintage Polo USA Button UP - Size Large (N/A) [[SPOILER]]  Church's Captoe Size 7.5F? (Temporarily N/A) [[SPOILER]]
Ferrari Satin Jacket - Size Large  [[SPOILER]]  Nudie Tight Long John (not selvedge) 28x34  [[SPOILER]]  My first Kiton 16/41 (missing a sleeve button and a hole is forming under one of the shirt buttons)  [[SPOILER]]  Vintage possibly bootleg 80's Chicago tee - size Small/Med  [[SPOILER]]  Levi's selvedge 501 29x33 (some fraying on the bottom pant leg)  [[SPOILER]]  Kanye x Takashi Murakami 'Graduation' era Tee - Size Medium  [[SPOILER]]  Levi's 511 32x32 (non-selvedge)...
 Damn, these are so dope. Love the red brick Vibram.
Question for you guys. How do you think I should proceed with this? I sold a pair of Bruno Magli boots a week or two ago, the woman received them and said this: "Alas these 9 boots are too big, they must be men's. I am returning them reluctantly because they are perfect in all ways, except they are way too large , maybe its italian size..." I specified no returns on the auction, provided accurate information and measurements, attempted to try them on (I am an 8 in men's...
 Oh my god. That is so good! Very jealous.
  Please post pics.
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