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 Yeah, that was me. Did you ever go when it was a two story overpacked dump? It was hard for me to deal with at the time, but I miss it now.
 Every time you and SWB post insane stuff, I think it has to come from the place I'm thinking of, but I can't ever bring myself to go in there anymore. Since the remodel everything is so overpriced and I end up leaving empty handed. I did find a pair of Hanig shells and a cashmere Borrelli tie for next to nothing there before the move though. 
A couple recent grabs The Undertaker tee from 93  Grateful Dead 94 Summer Tour    [[SPOILER]]   Trio of tees (FJM is definitely not vintage), Kill Em All is dated 1986, The Kraftwerk shirt seems 90's to me because it has their website url on the front of the shirt (smh). Flaming Lips Musical Insects shirt dated 1994  Garfield Fort Lauderdale, FL tee from 1978  Nirvana reprint from 1996 
I love that Prince tee.
I hit the racks on Saturday and grabbed these two. The Bahamas tee is a deadstock 50/50 Screen Stars tee. Super soft.    
Gonna post some past finds cause work is slow today. Pictures under the spoiler. [[SPOILER]]
Great thread idea.  I was pretty happy about this one I grabbed the other day.   [[SPOILER]]
#400. Good luck!
Vote #215
 What size? Any pics of the front?
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