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Respect. Thanks for letting me know. I usually feel pretty good about a purchase but whenever I get the eBay inquiry I always question myself.
Does this Comme Des Garcon polo look ok? I was thinking legit, but now I'm not so sure.   [[SPOILER]]
Can anyone verify this Comme Des Garcon Play polo I thrifted recently?  [[SPOILER]]
Had a good morning with a couple of firsts.    Top to Bottom:    Fray deep indigo diagonal weave casual cotton shirt (XL), J Crew red selvedge chambray (M), Steffano Ricci for Battaglia contrast collar/cuff (15.5), Steffano Ricci for Napoleon contrast collar (15.5), Steffano Ricci for Battaglia micro check contrast collar (15.5), Brioni micro check with contrast collar (15.5, collar needs some love), Charvet pink/mauve stripe (42/L, collar needs a bit of...
Had a good couple of weeks and scored a couple of firsts: Alden Shell Belt:  [[SPOILER]]  Ferragamo shirt [[SPOILER]]  Robert Graham wild paisley shirt   [[SPOILER]]  Filson Stone Twills [[SPOILER]]  LVC White Crewneck sweatshirt [[SPOILER]]  Patagonia Windbreaker/Rain Shell  [[SPOILER]] Borelli Grey 5 pocket denim - Size 38 [[SPOILER]]  Kiton 5 pocket Cotton/Cashmere denim - Size 40 (POP)  [[SPOILER]]
Awesome. Thanks @kbadgley84!
Anyone have any insight on this Gucci v neck? I was thinking legit as it seems like a weird non-gaudy item to fake, but the logo on the back has me second guessing.  [[SPOILER]]
Can anyone authenticate this Ferragamo tie for me? I was thinking real but now i'm not so sure.   [[SPOILER]]
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