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  I figured. Thank you for confirming!
[[SPOILER]]   Can anyone authenticate this for me? I'm leaning toward fake because the branding on the keeper is off center and there is no thread loop. 
 These are seriously incredible. 
 Yeah, it's $65 for the 'Classic' Restoration - new soles, insoles, laces, and refinish of uppers. It's $90 for a 'Complete' Restoration which includes everything in the classic restoration plus welt and midsole replacement and any stitching necessary.
[[SPOILER]]  It's def 90's but I've had decent luck with those. Nothing insane, but if you paid less than $10 you'll make at least 3x what you put into it.
 These look really good for a Stafford/JCP shoe/boot. Have you tried to polish/condition these? I'm curious how they'd take a polish. 
 I love them. I wore mine nearly every day for 2 years before I wore the sole down. I am super hard on shoes too. You can definitely remove the flag. It's just a little charm attached to the laces. 
 This is great. My dad taught at Proviso West for about 20 years.
 I recently picked up a pair of women's 8.5AAA Ferragamo's and I'm running into the same problem. Lesson learned.
 Is Nikkos the place in Arlington Heights? I've never been but have read great things.
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