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The first and (possibly last) time I'll walk out with this brand in tow: [[SPOILER]]
 Seriously. Perfect time to find a red Moncler puffer.
 Agreed. Definitely not a cool move, though I'm certainly not condoning the GW employee being an asshole for no reason.
 Pretty much. I engaged in this activity while listening to these records last night actually 
Recent record pick ups -    A bunch of deadstock, private press loner folk/psych LP's all supposedly written by the same mysterious artist under different monikers. From top left-right: Arian Sample, Tommy Roundtree - 'Jungle Blood,' Life Lives, Snake & Remus, Terry - 'Rojvi' x2, Boots, & a test press of Jim Collins 'Music Performed by the High Mass.'       L-R: Atlanta Rhythm Section - A Rock and Roll Alternative (prob should have passed on this one), Silver...
 Thanks! It blew my mind when I found it. I have no idea how things like that go untouched for so long then end up in a thrift seemingly unaccompanied. 
Some recentish finds: Deadstock 40's-50's Broadcaster chambray - N/A:   [[SPOILER]]   50's Montgomery Ward Homesteader chambray, N/A:    [[SPOILER]]   Lilly Pulitzer postcard aloha shirt: [[SPOILER]]  Polo Bear Twin flat sheet:  [[SPOILER]]  Flaming Lips Musical Insects Tee, Dated 1994, N/A [[SPOILER]]  West Marine severe weather jacket:  Ebbets Field Flannels Boston Bruins Sweater, Size XXL [[SPOILER]]   Vintage (leaning toward 80's) hand screened Aloha brand Hawaiian...
I'm guessing fake, can anyone confirm?
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