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 What size? Any pics of the front?
 I really need to start hitting that spot more
[[SPOILER]]   Jesus man, insane haul. I really like that Vassar shop apron. 
  Same here. As much as I love a post full of $4,000 suits, I love a mixed bag full of tees, wool blankets, etc. Great haul!
 I can't hang with Chicago Pizza & Oven Grinder. It's too much like pizza soup. My votes go to Pequod's for deep dish/pan pizza and Vito & Nick's in Ashburn, Roseangela's in Evergreen Park, and Fox's in Beverly for thin. 
[[SPOILER]] I almost grabbed this the other day. I talked myself out of it because I was supposed to be shopping for Christmas presents. 
  I figured. Thank you for confirming!
[[SPOILER]]   Can anyone authenticate this for me? I'm leaning toward fake because the branding on the keeper is off center and there is no thread loop. 
 These are seriously incredible. 
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