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PM sent.
How did you arrive at the Zegna sizes? I'm confused because the hangtag shown on the PoW says 52Reg and because both the 44L and 46L have the same shoulder measurement. FWIW my 56L Milano fit jackets all have 19.5" shoulders.
Quote: Originally Posted by FStyles Why is fuck is this in B&S!? It's more a question about buying and selling than it is a question about men's clothing. Mods: There's enough feedback, please lock this thread. The belt listed as an AE "basic dress" that this guy is selling doesn't have edge stitching and doesn't taper at the end. This makes it different than the AE basic dress belts I've bought through reputable sellers here. The price is also too good to be true. Has anyone seen genuine AE belts that look like these? Is this AE's new quality?
Quote: Originally Posted by btemp So where do I go? Minichiellos? Samson? Modernize? Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. To save you reading the other 19 pages in the thread, no, no and no. People have recently had bad experiences with Minichello (at least for sport coats), Samson is out of his depth and arrogant, and Modernize uses fused construction (that, or they don't know the difference between fused and basted canvas...
Quote: Originally Posted by trader you missed out on this RLPL in the B&S for 420. just gotta have patience Indeed, I snagged a mainline Zegna (made in Switzerland), Milano fit, for less than that about a month ago. Of course, my wait was more than a year.
Quote: Originally Posted by breitlingman Usually not, but I have experienced in the past with Fedex (on occasion) when the recipient does not pay the customs bill, which was sometimes sent AFTER the package was delivered rather than simultaneously, then Fedex will come back to the shipper and request payment. Don't know if this still happens, as it has been a few years since I've seen that. At least for Fedex shipping to Canada that's true. ...
I bet it's Milano. The one I bought from Whusurdadi two weeks ago (56L) looks just like it (down to the under collar felt), and it's a Milano. Beautiful jacket it is. Quote: Originally Posted by rkbedel on the first navy Zegna sports coat, what model is the jacket? Fit Mila or Fit Roma? Thanks, Ryan
For being R instead of L!
Quote: Originally Posted by farooqm Just wanted to confirm that he hasn't sold it to me. He may have just taken it off the market after being exposed as trying to upsell it. Wow that's low. On the part of Farooqm. The coat is being shipped to me.
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