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First of all, I just want to say I'm sorry if I offended you. I never meant to offend you and your country. In fact I never actually defined a third world country. I never said it was crappy nor did I really say anything offensive. All I stated was that "some", but not all "third world countries" practice overcharging on foreigners/tourists. Then I proceeded to voice my opinion on the matter.    The steak thing was an analogy; I never said that steak is cheaper or more...
It's actually a common practice for some third world countries to overcharge other countries. In my opinion, the practice doesn't create a positive image for their country. Something just feels so illegal about it. I feel that if this type of business practice were conducted privately in a western country, there would be legal consequences in doing so.        Reminds me of this:   Despite the unfair practice, most foreigners still pay the foreigners price,...
The Brigg is the best in my opinion. James Smith and Fox would be my second choice. However, if I was on a budget or didn't want to spend too much on an umbrella, I'd go with London Undercover. 
Hughes is an awesome person. I also do leather work and when he barely started out selling bespoke goods, I was fortunate enough to ask him for help and exchange info with him. A lot of craftsmen are greedy about their suppliers, info on techniques etc., but not Hughes. I'm pretty sure that his lack of response is due to a high volume of orders. As a leatherworker myself, I know that the process of making a card holder etc. is very time consuming when everything is done...
I believe it's Spanish. Typically vachetta is used to define the natural, un-dyed veg-tanned leather from Spain. Over time when vachetta products are used, they start to patina. A perfect example to describe vachetta is the light colored leather handles on Louis Vuitton bags. Over time, the handles will patina and turn into a dark brown. They need extra care because they are sensitive to water and scratches.
Finally! That took some time. I'd love to see the after photos. I didn't want to make a false judgement earlier, but I thought the rough-out would turn out to be cheap in look and feeling. I had bought some LWB from Chevalier of Indonesia and the nap felt super cheap and it started to blend w/ the broguing. If the nap gets really bad, my shoes wouldn't look like LWB with all the holes disappearing. Maybe I should treat it with something. Anyways, I'm glad you like your...
MTO doesn't always have to be custom. It's possible they were out of stock and the pair was made-to-order.    Anyways, the Imperials have a custom modification. Instead of 4 round eyelets and 3 speed hooks, there are 5 round eyelets and only 2 speed hooks. I just noticed that. I don't notice anything else different though. These Indonesians probably pay the same price on their custom orders as we (International buyers) pay for regular ready-made shoes. What a shame.
Nice find!   Why aren't you sure that the Imperial's are MTO?
Don't hold your breath lol!
I don't know what to tell you. You can try to message Sagara, but I'm pretty sure you won't hear back from them until 2013 lol! In the mean time, you can save up for the shoes.   It'd be cool to buy Chromexcel from Maverick Leather and ship it to Sagara to make a pair haha. Then wait until 2014 to get them hahaha!
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