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 Yes, I'll definitely provide full measurements in the future.  And if they push the issue I will provide some kind of accommodation.
 Ironically, this doesn't apply to lesbians.
Sold a Pendleton shirt that was in very good condition and listed as 'pre-owned' and tagged as L.   Just got a message from the buyer saying it seems to be a little smaller than the other L Pendleton's they own, asked if it had been washed and that they have no use for it but since I don't accept returns they are awaiting my response.    Not sure what some people are expecting. A pre-owned item is not going to be new.    Anyway, I just replied that it was listed as...
Backwards I get:  eveileb koot skcen llor Will keep trying...
  Interesting.  I'd rather pay less and have the govt do less.
  Feel free to post anytime.
Sorry to hear that....hope it's better than what they're trying to shove down our throats.
Sounds like we're all in agreement.
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