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I'll send some ISAIA label karma your way. Send me back some Polo and Loro label karma please.
 Damn that sucks man. They only wanted $12.99 for this entire jacket the other day:   Vintage style #175 Whipcord Wool Cruiser in pretty good shape for its age. Grabbed this at another store the same day:   Karastan Palazzo #453-402. 5'2" x 7'10". Funny story on this one: I was walking by this little thrift shop and looked in the window. Looked in and noticed the rug on display, and knew instantly by the pattern, weave and end fringe that it was Karastan... But based on...
 Almost positive these are the Style #180 pants in Green "Whipcord" wool, if there was no identifying tags.
 Tag says Size S. Generally in womens clothing an S is pretty damn tiny, and in mens clothing an S isnt THAT tiny. A mens S should be about equal to a womens M or even L sometimes. So if its extremely tiny, I'd say womens. If it's not that small (~ 38" chest with 25"ish sleeves) then I'd say mens.
^ Knew that reaction gif was going to be for that exact line in his post. 
Just stopped by after shipping packages: #onestop Been looking for a Magnum PI for years. Not my size but alterable, and right before I go to a Halloween party without a costume The Barista machine is mint, works perfectly. Already have one, but I'm not passing it up at that price 
Just got around to photographing probably the nicest suit I've ever thrifted:                   That 10% cashmere stuck out to my eyes from 10ft away. The pinstriping is almost silvery.       Shit's like mint. Amazing construction and handwork. I'd say almost better than Brioni / Isaia. Was debating keeping this forever, but I don't really wear suits anymore and it's actually a tiny bit big so w/e. Thrifted this for $40 2 Decembers ago. At...
^ Dat Versace tie and St Andrews plaid suit are my favorite pieces. Dayum
Post #1000 for me will be an example of a great score, investment and sale.  Was at a thrift the other day and a fresh basket rolled out with these buried under some purses. Purchased for $14.99:  Took them home and stuffed em with shoe trees and clean wool socks for shape. Cleaned the soles, and conditioned the leather:  Not my size, so I wasn't going to keep them. Listed them for sale early this morning:   [[SPOILER]]  Then:  Things like this really make all the legwork,...
Can't believe some college student hocked this at Buffalo Exchange for $13.50 cash or $22.50 trade:   [[SPOILER]]
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