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 For a store that I have been to recently... 5-15 mins. Just a quick check for any new shoes, ties, denim and any freshly dated tags in Outerwear, shirts, suits/jackets. For a store that I haven't been to in a long time, or one of the larger locations... 30-60+ mins. There is a huge GW up in Seattle that usually takes me about 60-90 minutes to get through entirely... and I'm talking about checking EVERY single shirt label, every jacket and suit... I generally don't check...
Dat Samuelsohn.  Please be 44L and side vented.
Ended up kopping that BBBF x Thom Browne Seersucker SC. At first I thought it was pretty plain from a construction standpoint, but it actually has some nice little details. Shit's dead NWOT too. Dat sleeve basting.  [[SPOILER]]
$1.49 and $2.99 for ties? God damn... the Value Villages around here usually price ties at $6.99 - 9.99.
   Hmm... Really? I've had a Saint Andrews SC out in my shop inventory for years. Perhaps I should dust it off and re-evaluate its' potential.
   Fellow Subaru Bros? They really are the perfect car for thrifting in bad weather. I drive an 02 Outback, and the storage space is great for those days when you have gigantic hauls. In the future, I'm looking to get a newer WRX Sedan that has a little more muscle and style. 
 This is great. I love bringing back shirts from the dead like this... have done it with dozens of shirts. My greatest adversary was a Borrelli French Cuff Contrast Collar with the same amount of staining... 4 hours of scrubbing with Oxy-Clean later, it was like new.. and went straight into my wardrobe. I have never tried the vinegar method, but I wash in a bucket and scrub with Oxy-Clean and a toothbrush just like your method. I've found that the Liquid Oxy-Clean works...
     Quote:Alright, I guess I will try and kop it. $59 is a pretty decent chunk of change for just 1 jacket, but I suppose it IS pretty rare. I normally try to only buy stuff that I can sell for at least 5x what I paid, and I assume the jacket is worth ~ $150 or so. I thought BBBF's were a few grand, but looks like some are as low as $600-700. GM.. According to BB's charts, a BB4 is supposed to be 44". If I end up kopping, can take full measurements for you. 
Small question...   There is a Brooks Brothers Black Fleece x Thom Browne Red, White, Blue Cotton Seersucker Patch-Pocket SC at one of my stops for $59.   Cop or No Cop? It still has the sleeve basting thread, so it's NWOT. Size BB4. Really nice MOP buttons.     *Edit: This is the first BBBF item I've seen in the wild, so I'm not sure about it. Seems like similar ones have gone for ~$150+, but I cant find the exact jacket anywhere.
That inner tag is not their most "Current" tag, but it's very recent. As for dating that particular item via tag... it's hard. I have gone through my inventory and inspected numerous Zegna jacket tags in the wild trying to date them... The only real concrete way to date them is if the item was a Su Misura. Su Misura's will usually have a stitched date on the inside of the pocket. From what I recall... that particular tag puts the manufacture date somewhere between 2008 -...
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