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^ Damn that's a cool knife. And I like the model name.. "Riverboat Gambler Knife".
  Yeah the font on that "Chanel Paris" looks a bit off... But what sticks out to me is the actual print quality. The "Chanel Paris" isn't crisp and clean... notice how the "Chanel" letters and background color are sort of bleeding into each other? Also, the rest of the print is sort of "1 Dimensional" and flat. You can see color bleeding on the rest of the print as well. On legit scarves of this caliber... Hermes, Chanel, Versace... the printing will be very crisp and...
 This. Last week a guy scored a NWT Thomas Pink tie right as I got to the tie rack... I was kinda pissed, as it was a super nice tie. He eventually went into the Dressing Rooms, and left the tie outside on the counter. I wanted that tie to sell on eBay, as it would have been worth a good $40+... However, it was just wrong to steal another guy's items while he was in there.  I ended up scoring a mint Hermes tie, and a mint Luigi Borrelli suit at that store that day. 
Once had a Collezioni suit with a hole in the pants sell for $305... People are weird! I was almost not going to list it, and figured it was worth maybe $40. Armani Black Label and recent Collezioni suits are profitable. Their jackets may not be as valuable though. I generally pass on them, unless they are like mint recent suits.
Yeah I was gonna say... the "GORE TEX" embroidery is weird looking. The G is pretty small, and the X is much bigger in comparison.
Found this exact jacket, NWT at a thrift a couple weeks ago.. except it was 44L. I was surprised by the level of craftsmanship for being Nana Repubs and foreign made... Pick-stitched lapels, fabric flaps under the collar, nice linen fabric.
How is RRL Selvedge weak? size 27 isn't that sellable, but still killer jeans.
Are these "Reyn Spooner" s that sought after? There were like 3 or 4 at a smaller thrift I went to yesterday, $5 each.
I'm in love with the Seiko SCVS013... also known as the "Blue Spark". Such simplicity and style. They are mega rare though... Also a fan of vintage IWC pilots watches.
The jig is up! He's listing em at $24.99 now! Lol.
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