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This is good to know, I'll have to try it. I'm always finding AE belts with buckles that are jacked up.
 PM Sent.   Saw some of those up in Seattle, however they were size 38. Managed to clean out most of their NWT West is Dead stuff hehe. Anyone know where they got all of it from?
I've passed on about 3-4 pairs of JM Westons, and also RM Williams. I know they are valuable, but none have ever been that great for me to instantly nab them. Around here boot prices are usually $15-40 a pair, so that deters me as well. And yeah, they're very "Light" and un-substantial.
Awesome Suit!
 The goodwills around my area write price codes on the clothing for every item over $8. They use roman numerals like "X" "XV", etc... They DO use removable ink, but sometimes washing it out can leave a yellow stain where the ink was. Pisses me off.
That's cheap. The Buffalo exchanges around here are catching onto the denim craze... $80 for worn 3Sixteens, $90 for worn LVC's. However, I DID pickup some NWOT Gustins for $50 and some N&F's for $38.  Anyone else trade/sell stuff to Buffalo? I've been trading in J.crew shirts like crazy, and walking out with cash + crispy denim jawnz... It almost feels wrong.
 Is that prescription pad available for trade?   
 Brioni White Linen/Cotton short-sleeved lounge shirt. Extremely lightweight and beautifully woven. Recent Gold label, mint condition, XL and fit me perfectly. I found that about 2.5 years ago for $8 and was thrilled. It was very valuable, and I wasn't sure I would ever wear it, so I sold it at auction for $100. I thought that was great, but looking back... I'll never get another one like it. That was the type of shirt you wear when retired on a tropical beach somewhere...  
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