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 Yeah the herringbone was really micro and worsted. From far away it looked like stripes, and the buttons were black with 4 on each sleeve. Suit jacket for sure. If it was more sport-coaty fabric, I would have kept it for personal use cause it fit beautifully except for the sleeves. And it was actually $15, not $20.
Saint Andrews Navy Herringbone suit jacket... Looked everywhere for the pants. Cop for $20? Size 42R. Exc condish. I'm not familiar with St. Andrews, but I know they're good.
   I am sort of testing a theory involving 2 different "Buying Atmospheres". 1 for workwear, denim, outerwear, etc. 1 for highend sartoria, suits, ties, etc. Also, taxes.
Working through the backlog. Couple recent scores:     VTG US Made Willis & Geiger A-2. My first good leather jacket cop. Really wish this was a 40 or 42.       Pops copped this one while out running errands. Cant find another one with this pattern anywhere.      
Sizing on that 4th Luciano down? The sorta grid / windowpane Brown / Blue one. I see it says 16.5, but what sleeve length? That's an awesome pattern.
 Shit. I would, but I've been burning through cash at an alarming rate lately. 
Dat Ghurka Doe.   Awhile back I popped a Ghurka Dopp Kit Bag No. 101. My feelings were the same lol. I'll keep it forever.     Also @HansderHund  your photos are beautiful man.
 I was staring at that dude's denim jacket the whole time. Anyone else?
 Gustins are nice for what they are, and if you want to wait for a good model to get funded then sure... Or try your luck on eBay with em.  However, I don't think $85 for UB's is a waste. I've worn mine for 1.5+ years now, and they've held up perfectly. The denim is nice quality, the construction and small details are on point, and they have some nice fits. I'd say I've definitely gotten more than $85 worth of wear out of them, and they're still actually in great shape......
 Unbranded? I had the UB201. 14.5oz denim. Pretty well made. Like $85.
New Posts  All Forums: