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 Marc Summers:  On your mark.... Get set.... GO!!!!
^ That Polo x Corneliani DB Pinstripe suit is fucking BALLER!      
 They sell Filson at Nordstroms now? Wtf.
   I never knew I could want a painting of a Whale so badly. That drawing style, the pose... That smug look on the Whale's face. I must have one!
 While I agree with not using an Attolini shirt for a mannequin... I do think that you should use a decent shirt for your mannequin / photos. The collar is really important. Has to be a nice wide-spread collar... Robust and crisp. I use a recent Lorenzini for my mannequin. Lorenzinis aren't worth a ton, and the shirt itself has a few spots so It isn't really sellable. However, it has a super nice wide-spread collar and nice pattern.
 I know, right? Damn GW's around here always price every J.crew at like $13-20. Some stores in Seattle price them at like $15-30.   Haven't seen a Borrelli shirt in about 2 years. 
 Legit / Real. I've seen many like this, and it has all the correct makers tags and fabric content tags. I've seen several with the V before. I believe that equates an L or XL size.
 I notice that route goes through Seattle, WA and Portland, OR.....  
 Woops, I missed a word... Should be "Authentic Hermes scarves almost always have a Title". I try to refrain from saying absolutes. Yes, from my research... some of the vintage scarves lack some of the markings that modern scarves have. I've thrifted 6 so far, and I think only 1 is lacking a Sig / Copyright mark. I should really post my Hermes Collection. I acquired one recently that will blow you guys away.
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