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 Eh.. he may have ended up with a buncha Pronto Uomo Coutures. Those jackets you snagged are so choice. Great scores man... I'm surprised that Jompso and others don't have the thrift scene there on tighter lockdown. Maybe I should cruise down to LA this winter... 
[[SPOILER]] Holy hell man. Those Zingas, and that Samuelsohn are such primo styles / fabrics / condition. These were all true thrift?
^ Lol... why did I click on the Order Details.    Some kinda fancy Nikes?
I'm gonna stick with Zinga, Zginga, or Jinga.
The Best Since 1847.   That flag is pretty dope.
Some decent scores from the past week. Left out a bunch of Buffalo Fodder items... J.crew shirts & sweaters, low-grade selvedge, etc. Cashed all that shit in already.    Been looking for an SC with this fabric for a long time. Really nice to find not only an Italy made BB, but one that fits me (after I get the sleeves let out a bit and dry cleaned). N/A.  [[SPOILER]]   US made Pendleton Trail Head Jacket. Couple moth nibbles, but this was the first "High Grade Western...
Damn @PLaydice   So you setup a toy shop at markets? 
I don't agree... Yeah sometimes pants are stained and kinda boring to go through. I rarely go through them 1 by 1. I normally just walk slowly past the rack, looking into the waistbands and checking out the construction / fabric quality. I also look for Zanella / Zegna / Isaia / etc waistband markings.   But serious flippers / thrifters shouldn't avoid pants. I've made some HUGE scores in the pants aisle... Cucinelli / Zegna / Isaia / Incotex haul... Filsons including...
  Funny story... I once found $225 in a crappy Pavone jacket. It was inside a blank sealed envelope, and was really dry and crisp. After the initial freakout of finding that much, I was concerned maybe it was counterfeit because of how crispy and dry it was. It was legit though. I actually felt the envelope inside the jacket while doing a "Full canvas pinch test". This was like 3 years ago around when I first started thrifting. Since then I look inside of every Pavone...
Nice! Old money too. That shit is so rare to see these days. Nearly 20 years old and it looks bright and crisp. I would hang onto those if I were you.  Damn. Barbera's knits are on-point. Look how symmetrical and finely woven those fibers are.
New Posts  All Forums: