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  These fish look worried about something...
That thumbnail pic in the top right scared me lol. Thought someone thrifted some. From the pics they look okay, would have to see in person though.
I'm glad that top-down folded photo style is workin out for ya @cpmac7 
Some may get this obscure movie reference but...   WHATS POPPIN KERMIT?!
Aforementioned cereal:   Bedwin and the Heartbreakers X Adidas Stan Smith - Sz 10. You may remember these from awhile back, finally got around to cleaning and photographing.   [[SPOILER]]  The rest are from the past couple months.  Adidas Kermit Edition HipHop Superstars - Sz 9.5. Suede and patent Croc pattern details.   [[SPOILER]]  Adidas X Mark McNairy Pro Model Hightop - Sz 10.5. Things are mint.   [[SPOILER]]  Adidas Consortium X wings + horns Stan Smith - Sz 11. Made...
I have some     to share with you all. More at 11.
Anyone have any experience with Maiden Noir items, or know about the brand?
Well that was fast.      Not a bad flip for $5 
 Yes. Here's some better photos of it:     
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