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 Hmmm... I have a super nice pair, but they are size 9. About 11.5" from heel - toe.
   Size S?!   Damn that's a nice pattern.
 Handsome looking trunk... But did someone paint over all the original finishes? That front plate has some thick brush strokes... I wonder if that Goyard pattern is under there somewhere.
 I just realized I have one of these exact same jackets. Always thought it was just some random "Authentic Imports" jacket... As that's the only tag that's on mine. But yeah I couldn't ignore the quality of it... Navy melton wool on 1 side, Tan cotton twill on the other. Pretty nice construction.  Does yours have a hood? Mine has a removable hood attatched. I'm interested to learn more about this "I Magnin" though. 
 I really prefer Zegna. Their latest ties are constructed so perfectly, and they tie beautifully. Their tips are always nice and square... not askew, and their edges have a good roll. They have such a wide range of patterns and colors too. Everything from stripes, dots, geometrics, florals, paisleys, textured solids, raw silks, cashmeres and wools... I think the only thing I haven't seen from Zegna yet is just plain Garza Grossa Grenadine. I've seen 1 fabric that was very...
Interesting... I just saw these items the other night lol. You must have been right on my tail, or maybe you went the next day. Shit's been slow for me lately... haven't been out much. 
 I think some of the only Hermes ties that are worth $100+ in excellent shape are the super "Quintessential" Hermes ties, that are Orange and White. I sold one awhile back for $129 and it was Orange with White chainlinks. It sold somewhat quickly. There's also some of the more "whimsical" prints with animals, etc that are worth a decent amount... But generally most Hermes ties are worth about $30-60.
 This also happens to me... Also whenever I see J.peterman items, I hear that guy's voice. And I don't have to tell you what I hear when I see Steve Madden shoes... 
 Without better pics, I would say fake based on that general design / color selection, and the font. The first "Hermes Scarf" I found was a fake, and it has that same font and letter placement. Does the material feel kinda scratchy when you rub it together? It shouldn't. Is there a Black care tag with "Reine Siede" or w/e on the back? If so then prolly fake. Give us some better pics mate.
How many of you use tissue paper in your packaging / shipping, and where do you obtain it?     I've been wanting to cop some nice lightweight White tissue paper for packaging for awhile now. The problem is that most of the tissue paper I'm seeing at stores is for gift packaging, and is extremely overpriced. Anyone got like an industrial wholesale supply place that carries it? U-Line? I'm not looking for "Packing Paper", because that's usually thicker and sorta...
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