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Can't believe some college student hocked this at Buffalo Exchange for $13.50 cash or $22.50 trade:   [[SPOILER]]
^ Nah Tanny's just very tame with me. He appreciates fine textiles, and would never damage them! His favorite materials are Harris Tweed, 100% Cashmere sweaters and Kirmin Wool rugs.
 Tanny likes this vintage Robert Talbott in Chocolate Brown:  Lol @ my Ghurka Dopp Kit bag photobombing in the background
^ Not an expert but the "Louboutin" font on the insole looks hella weird.
fucking '89. Wow.   You gonna keep the ski pass on it @SpooPoker ?
That 15Mil Zinga is tits
@Spoopoker That Loro scarf.. the coach shearling, the gloves... The plaid Polo suits! Such a great haul. If my hands were M instead of XL I would trade hard for some of them gloves, as ive badly needed a pair!
 I'd say suit jacket based on style and the buttons being dark and having 4 on the sleeve. 
^ Dat gray microfiber fleece throw blanket doe
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