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Working through the backlog. All true thrift: Current label. [[SPOILER]]  Cashmere blend. [[SPOILER]]  Kind of an odd SC, but it is an SC. [[SPOILER]]  Cashmere / Silk blend. [[SPOILER]]  Crazy soft wool with subtle underlying red stripes. [[SPOILER]]  Cashmere blend. [[SPOILER]]  S/S 2015 Linen blend bomber. [[SPOILER]]  S/S 2015 "Sailor" jacket in Natural Blueberry wool. Cherry. [[SPOILER]]  
 I feel like a lot of us do buy a lot for ourselves, but perhaps it's just not often photographed / shared? Time constraints prevent me from photographing most of my personal grail cops.
L 40. Not sure if available, it's a little big on me so not sure if keeping yet.   *I have another at home that's like a 42 and in the same condition, needs cleaning and hole repair. Think I may have them cleaned at the same time.
These always get the adrenaline going:     Needs cleaning and has a few moth nibbles, but for $20 I'll take it.  
 I'd say those are circa 2000 - 2004. Blue Label was changed to Brown in like 2007-2009 I think. The 1934 label is 2013+.
Haha I love this time of night, everyone photographs and posts their hauls after dinner.
 Ya they've been pricing their Peendletins kinda reasonably lately. Most of the other stores want $15 minimum for a destroyed moth eaten one.
I use Adobe Lightroom and it's awesome.   Generally about 20-30% of my work time at home is spent editing photos, but I'm somewhat of a perfectionist. I was having issues with pics being too green so I would increase red levels and that seems to solve it. I believe a better camera and more/better lights would seal the deal, but that Howard Yount SC photo had 0 color adjustment, just shadows/exposure/contrast/highlight reduction.    Thanks for the kind words guys, I...
Moved things around recently and re-setup my lighting/backdrop/mannequin. Any critiques?    
POP     Just the teaser pic for now. 
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