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Regarding health / weight loss:     Biggest thing for me was diet. Cutting excess sugar in the form of Soda was huge. In the past year I've gone from 265 to 190. Had to change my entire wardrobe twice haha... from XL to L, and now from L to M. Have gone from 41" waist down to 36", and from 47" chest down to 40" now. 
^ Damn that Blue Paisley Square is amazing!
Sup crue  Hard to nab good ties around here unless you go semi-early, but I was happy to grab these the other day:   [[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]]  Yep that first one is NWT. Both are from the Fall 2004 collection. Hard to think that someone kept the tags on that tie and never wore it for 12 years. 
DAMN @GMMcL those Borrelli jackets alone are an incredible thriftening!                             So here's more pics of that 7th Hermes I teased awhile back:               Has a couple spots, but for $3.99 I can't complain. 
[[SPOILER]]   Killer! Love when they're all crispy new. That NWT one I scored/posted awhile back was fucking $1.99 no joke. I couldn't believe how badly they goofed. Sold for $295? I think.  Not sure I've seen you post an Hermes scarf/carre yet, how many is that for you so far?  
  Yep. The Goodwills around here generally mark every item $8 or more with either Black Ink pen or some kind of white crayon or something. The crayon generally comes off with a wash. But the Black ink pen however... They claim it's a washable pen, I've asked before. Some stores use permanent markers like a Sharpie I think? It ruins the shirts/garments' labels. Anyways, the Black marks usually don't come out of jacket linings with a dry cleaning. It will usually come out of...
That Blue Blue Japan Pocket T is so simple and subtle, but I bet that Indigo fabric is mesmerizing in person. Good crossroads score!
Killer Isaia SC! Love when you can spot those highend fabrics from across the store.
 Lol I knew that was a J.crizzle. Have seen you a few times at #18 too .   Stopped at a few stores after leaving the gf's place this morning, grabbed a couple things. Will share soon!
 Hehe I recognize that shirt in the mirror. Been seeing you a lot around town lately! Spotted ya at #01 this AM.
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