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That Zegna suit is sick. 46 Roma Fit would be perfect for me... 40 watchers?!   Nice listings though man. I've been drooling over that, and those gray Brioni pants.
Dat Cashmere POW tie. PM Sent.
My BIN's are 30 cents each. I used to get them for free, but maybe I'm over 50 free listings this month or w/e. I'm sure you have some kinda optional thing clicked, like Gallery Plus, Subtitle, etc. Yep. Try to change it from 10 days to 30 days, and the bastard keeps changing back to 10 days .  It helps if I kinda slow down. If I have multiple tabs / listings open, then it seems worse.. Or when I try to rush through a listing. If I let it sit for a minute it generally...
 Same here. I hit my local store once a week or so, 95% of the time I walk out empty handed but that doesn't discourage me. The area the store is located in is pretty "small town" and suburbanish. Hardly any "style" around these parts, and not a whole lot of wealth.. but every once in awhile I find something amazing that makes me go "who the hell owned this around here?". Some of my best finds from that store have been: Zegna Microtene 10.000 rain jacket, mint Charvet...
Aww.. no more .gif avatar Fueco?
Never completely write-off a store. I was about to do that to one of my regular stops. Wasn't finding anything there for months... Then it exploded. Found 3 Cucinelli, 1 Isaia, 1 Borrelli, 3 Zegnas, 1 Eton.. all shirts. I sold off half of them, still have some. I just got a nice HF suit there last night. There was another store that wasn't producing for months as well, but I kept going... It recently produced a Burberry London suit, Mint USN Peacoat, couple nice ties, and...
  Red 3 standing by.
Ahh.. I meant while in the car driving from store to store. I usually listen to my local Jazz Radio station KMHD 89.1. They're the best. When I'm actually in stores I don't mess around with ipods or w/e... I like to have all my senses free for thrifting. Gotta hear the next fresh rack being pushed out, or people exclaiming what brand they just found.. etc. 
Decided to go out today. Goodwills open in T-Minus 1 hour 15 mins. Anyone else prefer Jazz while thrifting? Takin' Off seems appropriate.   
 The back label is cracked, but I believe it says "W 30". I'm pretty versed on vintage Levis, but not very versed on LVC's so I don't know what model those are. A month or so ago I found 2 pairs of 1960's Big E's, and spent hours researching them. The fact that the inside of the rivets aren't copper tells me they are modern.
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