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One quick grab last night. Knew what these were before I even touched em, no other denim fades like that.   [[SPOILER]]
Hmm so if one were using some kind of "keywords" to describe this suit, they could toss Hedi Slimane in there yeah?  
POP   [[SPOILER]]  Suit. Seems legit but can anyone tell me the era or year from the tags alone? Will have better pics of it tonight.
 Unfortunate that it's worn, but that is an amazing pattern. Hand knotted rugs are quite nice and fairly uncommon at secondhand shops. 100% silk content is also uncommon, usually they're blends. I'm wondering what kpi (knots per inch) that weave is. If you have a ruler you could measure or throw it down on the back and snap a photo. If it's not too worn for personal use I'd say grab it, but 200euros might be a bit much to flip given the wear.
Hit the same stores again tonight. Some good eBay fodder out, but here's the personal keeper highlights:   Spring 2016 Adidas Primeknit Tubular Nova in Mineral Blue. Worn once. $49.99  T's  If you know what this is, we can probably be friends. $3.99   Fall 2010 Adidas Original Trefoil logo T. $4.99. And finally a personal grail for me. I've been searching for this fucking mainline trefoil logo T for nearly a year now, and it finally materialized tonight. [[SPOILER]]...
^ Nice. I was at that store later in the night and picked up a few sweaters/coat. I feel like the Rag & Bone cardigan I grabbed was from the same donor as your items. 
Picked up a handful of decent items tonight, mostly personal keeps. The highlight would be these:  Adidas "mi" custom designed Tubular Moc Runner. There's not another pair like these anywhere, and a lot of the options someone used to design these are no longer available for the Tubular model on Adidas' mi website. There's details from the Moc Runner, the Tubular core model and the clear plastic lace cages are such a sweet minimal detail. I imagine someone spent a good deal...
Lol you know so much about Patagonia.
Anyone think it would be totally heinous to cut-up and re-purpose a Sawyer of Napa Shearling full-length mens overcoat?   I spotted one the other day and was wondering opinions. They want $50 for it and it's a size 46 which would yield a ton of shearling material for use in other projects. It has a couple small spots on the outside and is missing a belt.
Quick shoe grabs tonight:     Allen Edmonds McTavish in good shape - 13 B.       Misc. Johnston & Murphy boots - 11.5 D. Prolly gonna hock these at Buffalo.       Hugo Boss Chelsea - 12. Also probably going to Buffalo.
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