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You're killin' me smalls!
 Not sure if you mean actual vintage soviet / eastern euro pieces, or just that general vintage aviator style. For aviator style timepieces I've been looking at the Laco Aviator, Stowa Flieger and IWC Pilot collections. The IWC Mark XVIII is really attractive. The Stowa Flieger is also very attractive and simple. Also been starting to ramp up my watch buying, and I'm goin with Seiko SXK007J and 009J as more beater-wearers for the year. 007 should look nice in a Super...
Only decent item from hitting 3 stores the day before yesterday:     Antique Flannel Lined Jac-Shirt. $10     Same stores yielded a bit more today:   POP! Mint condition. $7     Enamelware for camping this summer. Few bucks a piece, and the collection grows!     This thing seemed cool, and in good shape. $15. Can't find any others like it though.     Sellable Zinga Navy Blue suit for $30.     This was cool enough to grab at $20. New in...
Haven't posted here in a while, but I have these auctions ending in about 24 hours. All starting bid of $48.75 no reserve.     NWT $195-205 Ermenegildo Zegna Silk Ties. Recent. Most are ~ 3.5"...
 Been very happy with my N-3B parka this winter. Sometimes it's almost TOO warm, but we're only getting 28-34 here right now. Alpha has some other nice parkas that I've been wanting as well, the Apex and J-4 look cool. http://www.alphaindustries.com/mens-parkas/mens-parkas.htm  Not sure if this qualifies as "prohibitively expensive" but I'm sure you can find them for less on eBay, even brand new. Cheers.
I'll send some ISAIA label karma your way. Send me back some Polo and Loro label karma please.
 Damn that sucks man. They only wanted $12.99 for this entire jacket the other day:   Vintage style #175 Whipcord Wool Cruiser in pretty good shape for its age. Grabbed this at another store the same day:   Karastan Palazzo #453-402. 5'2" x 7'10". Funny story on this one: I was walking by this little thrift shop and looked in the window. Looked in and noticed the rug on display, and knew instantly by the pattern, weave and end fringe that it was Karastan... But based on...
 Almost positive these are the Style #180 pants in Green "Whipcord" wool, if there was no identifying tags.
 Tag says Size S. Generally in womens clothing an S is pretty damn tiny, and in mens clothing an S isnt THAT tiny. A mens S should be about equal to a womens M or even L sometimes. So if its extremely tiny, I'd say womens. If it's not that small (~ 38" chest with 25"ish sleeves) then I'd say mens.
^ Knew that reaction gif was going to be for that exact line in his post. 
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