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I like the look of this one at Orvis but it fits like a sack of potatoes.  Does anyone know of something similar that fits slim?  Thanks
I bought these Levis matchstick selvedge jeans 31x32 and have worn them maybe a dozen times but have lost weight and they no longer fit.  I did have the inseam altered an inch or so.  They retailed for $148 but just looking to get a fair price.  If your interested pm me.    
How is the front pocket size on NnF?  I have a pair of APC new standards and they are so small.  Its pretty minor but just curious..
 Thanks I will check it out!
A quick question from someone that has never owned a pair of NnF.  I am trying to figure out the main difference between the weird guy vs slim guy fit.  I am 5' 7" 155 athletic build. I am having a hard time finding measurements on the NnF website for leg opening-inseam on all styles.  Sorry for the basic question just didnt want to read through 713 pages  Thanks
Thanks so much for the info.  I am actually just looking for the natural one so if you want to sell just that one hit me up.  Thanks
        Sorry if this is the wrong thread but I wanted to see if anyone is intested in either of these suede clarks chimney boots. Brown is a 9.5 and Olive is 10 both brand new.  Thanks
I am intersted in all 3 but need to know the total measurement from end to end (including buckle) Thanks so much.
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