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Yes,and a good,classic, without skinny excess,1960s silhouette in my opinion is better than a baggy, broader,weighty 1930s silhouette.
Great style. Better of the 1930s silhouette,
        Unfortunately no; but Sator,another member of this forum, probably yes.
I confess that i prefer the cut of the Duke's coats of 1950s over the 1930s.      
Very interesting Marco. You have some photos of this Bahamas jacket?
The suit was cut by Galliano Caraceni's tailor shop in Rome,in 1951. Is the classic Caraceni's style. High water skinny pants were not in fashion in Italy in 50s and early 60s; Italians back then; are a horrible modern fashion thing.  
Another Scholte's pattern from one of his cutters:  
Obviously were various cutters at H.Harris (in early 60s Francesco Smalto,the famous Parisian tailor were one of these). Is possible that in 50s one of these main cutters were trained by Scholte himself (and this explain because the Duke chose H Harris). Remember that Scholte's technique was not spread;so only a Scholte's cutter could make a suit as Scholte. The Duke had some others tailors over Scholte. He had suits from Caraceni (the Parisian branch before the...
I believe so.But seems that H Harris was only make trousers; the coats were from Scholte tailor house.This is a 1948 coat of H. Harris,and this the 1956 Duke'coat from Scholte tailor house (after the closing of the firmin 1959 circa,the Duke followed the Scholte'cutters at Davies & Son).  Here a message that i have found in a site (pardon for the bad translation from Italian).[quote]In clipboard n 6379 Mr..... in commenting on my hypothesis exposed to Clipboard 6372 and...
Leaves,in my opinion on you  is perfect. Open quarters: Ok,are rounded and a bit open,but i don't see the ugly belt buckle;therefore the cut is well calibrated. In my opinion the Liverano coat its fine on all,talls and shorts. For the rest is matter of taste; is a look very Italia middle century.
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