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Dege & Skinner. Sharp as saber.      
Too much large lapels in my opinion.
The tailor of Edward Fox is "Johns & Pegg",so i think that the suits for the show were from that firm.
Is close fitting,but the cut is great.A wonderful double breasted,Congratulations.Is bespoke?
   The "Ivy League" double breasted of late 50s and 60s.Natural shoulders,undarted,with  lapels of moderate widht.Peaks horizontals,ONLY  FOUR BUTTONS all connettables,moderate overlapping,and back tho side vents (one for single breasted sack)..    
 Indeed is a monstrosity.I want to be clear: i don't like the current Neapolitan's style.Naples had great tailors in clean style: Caggiula,Schiraldi,Gallo,Blasi,Bruno,all great.Now this more clean style is forgot for the other school,the soft destructurate school of Cesare Attolini,head cutter of Rubinacci in 30s and 40s.But also those soft and flabby coats were originally only for summer leisure coats and suits!Now Neapolitan style is almost only identified with the ultra...
What about this? Is a Rubinacci tussah double breasted cut by Vincenzo Attolini in 1936.  
This is not bad (well i like more built shoulders) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vPKNJPI41rU My impression that not all customers have the same cutter,and not all cutters are equal (for sure not the cutter of 's suit).A mischievous can think that not all customers are equal....
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