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What color is the Luca's coat in the last picture? Coconut? Mastic?
Seems that in 20s and 30s light flannel was a summer fabric. I don't can imagine to wear flannel in summer; was the perception of the heath different 80 years ago?
The Duchy of Grand Fenwick!! Great movie!
US in 40s were a real fairyland for a European eye. Exist a interesting documentary on the Italian prisoners of war in USA that is called:"Prisoners in paradise",and this said all. From 1945-1946 the US recovery was barely instantly. About Italy i'm ever amazed that in 1949 the Italian GDP (gross domestic product) was 10% more that in 1939. A real miracle due of Marshall plan,of the American loans and of Italian energy and creativity freed after so many years under the...
Seems a good flannel suit.My impression is that the quality of this suit can be high for the standard of today.The suit is certainly fully cavanassed (glue for suit not exist in 1945).In my opinion shoulder are too much wide and long,they must be tighten and shortened.I don't see if the coart is darted or undarted,but seems not a sack (we are in Texas and in 1945,before the Ivy league fashion trend).So i think that the coat need more waist suppression.I don't like these...
Well,maybe is a bit late for a advice.,,but,,oh well for some things is never to late. The year is 1945,and this man is buying a new suit from Neiman.Marcus department store in Dallas, What do you think about? What is wrong,what is right,how can be adjust and altered? Some tips for this guy.    
Not more that the others classic bespoke dinner jacket (as see in the photos).
Yes,i agree.   You have a vest to match with your dinner jacket? Some time ago Brooks Brothers sold good evening vests separate. If don't find a vest,buy a cummerbund in grosgrain. Avoid a diplomatic collar shirt; use a Turndown Collar evening Shirt for a more contemporary touch (better if a piquè plain bosom).
Is a pretty classic dinner jacket. The only thing that could be "dated is the trouser's widht (but not alter it too much tight). This is a bespoke dinner jacket of today cut by Liverano & Liverano. As you see is not much different.     Another modern, cut by Anderson & Sheppard:     Forget the skinny ready to wear things of today,look to the bespoke silhouette for dinner jacket (tuxedo).
Suitsupply double breasted. A very nice cut:  
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