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1962 the first,1965 the second.In 60s in Italy, lapels and ties were never too much tiny; the silhouette was clean but not slim. Here another Italian double breasted from 1962 (Neapolitan) :    This if a 1963 DB (Roman)  This is Milanese (1963):    These are American,ready to wear,from 1965-66The silhouette is very different.Is a interesting cut; for the most are undarted,with tiny lapels and with four buttons:   
The American double breasted of 60s:     The Italian double breasted of 60s:  
Not bad for a moderately priced ready to wear (is a suitsupply,i think). The coat have a interesting silhouette (see shoulders and lapels). Only criticism the trousers are still too much tight.
Superb! Piedmontese tailoring (but for the most the tailors of Turin and Piedmont are native of Calabria) is first rate. I like much more than Neapolitan soft school.
 I think that the heirs of this cut are now Anderson & Sheppard and DeBoise/Steed.
Perfection !   1960: Douglas Fairbanks Jr in a Stovel & Mason DB...no concessions to fashion fade.  
 Well,the tie is rather classic,not "wide".
Continues to cut the double breasteds in this way,is simply superb !
Experimental? Is a classic British double breasted at his best. Wonderfull!!
Less that is a Paddock model,in a single breasted jacket NEVER buttoned the last button. (Only  exception,if you are JFK and have a body corset). In a double breasted well cut,you can buttonded the last couple (and lapels roll until the lower buttons) or the middle couple (with lapels that roll until the middle).
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