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In a DB you can have a high button stance but yet a good opening on shirt and tie. Depends by cut. Generally Steed is skilled to achieve this..but for some reason not in this case.
Steed suits for voxsartoria are very well cut,especially double breasted. Is evident that,unfortunately,the DB for Lordsuperb is not one of Steed best works.  
Look at this DB Steed suit: Is not so shut as in the Lordsuperb picture,but have a good breath on ties and shirt.  
Strange.Generally the Steed double breasteds are not so shut on shirt and ties.I like very much Steed,but in this case i prefer the Caraceni suit.Even because the cut is not much "Caracenesque",but more clean and sharp.
These recent A.Caraceni suits have a more trim look compared to the past.   Montezemolo once was a customer of Tommy & Giulio Caraceni in Rome. Now is a customer of Rubinacci.
Wonderful cut!! Who is the tailor?  
Why not the Tobacco coat with off white linen trousers?
Well,about Messina considered a trip in this airy,quiet city, lagerly rebuilt (after the 1908 earthquake) in pleasent early XX style,with large tree-lined streets.Food is excellent,landscape wonderful (the strait of Messina is called "the Italian Bosphorus"),beach is great,crime rate very low, prices reasonables, and in the neighborhood we have the Ganzirri sea-Lake,the beautiful Milazzo door of Eolian Island and Taormina.And,of course the tailors.Tailors in Messina are...
Is a frappè of fruits. I was in the Arrigo shop this afternoon.I see your "Prince o Walles" linen DB,and the charcoal SB two buttons coat.Very beautiful.
Is called "granita",and is in East Sicily and Eolian Island (in Messina the best granita of coffee,lemmon and strawberry). Is not a drink,but a middle way between a drink and a  pudding. There is not a time for eat (eat,not drink) it; you can ask for a granita in the morning for breakfast,or after lunch or dinner as dessert,or in the afternoon simple for gluttony.   Others speciality of Messina ( after good tailors and granita) is the focaccia,a relative of pizza,but...
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