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Arrigo have said to me that is not interested to travel in New York or in America. He don't have never fly before,and is a quiet family man of seventy years.
Perfect!Compare to a Duke of Windsor's coat (of early 60s from a Scholte's cutter).The roll is the same.And with the top button unbuttoned the  wide of lapels seems better.
 I like very much your cut,David.I' sure that you could make a wonderful version in Edward VIII-Scholte style (with a bit of roll on lapels too).  
 The cut is wonderful,i like the four buttons clean look.The ideal would be wear it in the Duke of Windsor style (buttoning le last couple,with a nice roll of lapel).But in my opinion lapels are too much narrow for a double breasted.I don't like the super huge belly lapels,but those are thin compared to chest.  
Musella Dembech of Milano.   http://www.muselladembechmilano.com/archive
1939. Douglas Fairbanks Sr in double breasted.   2016 double breasted of sartoria Luigi Dalcuore,Naples.       Revers angle is quite similiar,shoulders not,but Dalcuore  cut more structurate shoulders.  
Today in Arrigo tailorshop i have see the cloth remained of the oatmeal Fox flannel double breasted. Is a wonderful fabric! What weight have? I hope to order a similiar flannel,but in light gray from the Fox Flannel site.
Wow !! I live in Messina,Arrigo is the my tailor. Currently he work on a hopsack double breasted blazer for me.
Is my tailor in Messina!
The wonderful line of Venetian double breasted of Franco puppato:      
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