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Very 1920s! I like!
Neapolitan shoulders are in Naples. The italian tailors of other cities cut in different ways.   Here a Caraceni DB of 1961: The man is Mario Donnini of Donnini & Caraceni,Milan (now A.Caraceni).     Double breasted in a street of Rome in the summer of 1960 (note the policeman in summer white uniform with...unauthorized loafers!!)            
Gianni Agnelli  in tour in USA in the summer of 1939,with his cousin Giovanni Nasi.         The nurse (i think in the Ford factory infirmary) is pretty as a Hollywood actress ..look as Agnelli Look she (and she look Agnelli).     Gianni Agnelli in late 30s.      
Lapo is a fun guy,but his lapels are too much huge in my opinion.
Remember to me the Italian clean cut of 60s:  
Very sharp cut !    
Wonderful cut, very clean and sharp. Perfect widht of lapels in my opinion. Remember to me the best cut of 60s.
Here the Simon Crompton's Henry Poole double breasted with extra two buttons and  little more short. The coat improves very much,in my opinion.  
Five double breasted style compared by Simon Crompton of Permanent Style:   https://www.permanentstyle.com/2016/09/five-double-breasted-styles-compared.html#comment-1417079
A wonderful British double breasted,cut in 1954 at the bespoke department of Harrods of Knightbridge.  
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