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I think that sinply the suits of the dream sequence in the last Narnia movie are good costumes that reproduce the average style of "main streets" American ready to wear of 40s.The suits are boxy,very draped  and with heavy shoulders paddings.Is the "bold look" as it was called by "Esquire Magazine in 1948.I think that is due to this look that the double breasted was discredited for years in the United States.   These suits are not very flattering on young bodies Indeed not...
No,is the cut.In this case is  appropiate for young peoples of 1940s.Said this,those would have been ugly suits also in 40s (probably from a cheap tailor or ready to wear).Today a DB in a more slender and clever cut is right for a young man. 
In this case ARE their grandpapas.The movie is set in 40s.
From Sexton to Anderson & Sheppard is a big jump!Maybe is for this that Mr Deboise (Steed) is a so skillful tailor.
Sartoria Ripense,Rome.   .
The tranformable double breasted have the lapels build for achieve this effect..is not only ironing but cut and inner stitching. Transformable double breasted is not only a milanese thing,but also in Rome or Naples is usual in the best tailor houses. And i have see perfects tranformable double breasteds also from Savile Row (especially in the past). Fred Astaire'double breasteds were all tranformables (see his movies),and were from Anderson & Sheppard in London and...
No,is a transformable double breasted.(see the link below):https://www.facebook.com/LRubinacci/videos/1834285013467654/ P.S.The true pure 6x1 is not a 80s thing,but exist from 40s at least. 
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