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Continues to cut the double breasteds in this way,is simply superb !
Experimental? Is a classic British double breasted at his best. Wonderfull!!
Less that is a Paddock model,in a single breasted jacket NEVER buttoned the last button. (Only  exception,if you are JFK and have a body corset). In a double breasted well cut,you can buttonded the last couple (and lapels roll until the lower buttons) or the middle couple (with lapels that roll until the middle).
Yes,and a good,classic, without skinny excess,1960s silhouette in my opinion is better than a baggy, broader,weighty 1930s silhouette.
Great style. Better of the 1930s silhouette,
        Unfortunately no; but Sator,another member of this forum, probably yes.
I confess that i prefer the cut of the Duke's coats of 1950s over the 1930s.      
Very interesting Marco. You have some photos of this Bahamas jacket?
The suit was cut by Galliano Caraceni's tailor shop in Rome,in 1951. Is the classic Caraceni's style. High water skinny pants were not in fashion in Italy in 50s and early 60s; Italians back then; are a horrible modern fashion thing.  
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