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I love brown in more deep dark shades. My opinion is that light gray is very,and more  elegant for summer,
Really great,indeed.Remember to me the best works of Saville Row.A DB with the right and classic proportions could be fantastic!Great tailor,bad customers.
Well,is too tight,too short and too showy with these pink buttonholes... But the cut is great! A double breast like this but with classic proportions could be the perfect double breasted. Im very impressed.
I like very much a structurate shoulder not more large than the natural shoulder.The term natural shoulder not means a sloping shoulder or a "spalla camicia" without any padding,but means that the the shoulder of the coat is not more artificially extended that the shoulder of the customer.So you can have a structurate shoulder (or also a "pagoda shoulder) that is "natural".
Ah!! This explains everything!Is possible see your typical double breasted style?Is similiar to Henry Poole's DB?  
Wrong (and horrible) !           Correct.
Yes,the right vest for a tuxedo is a "U" shape vest. Brooks Brothers make a decent vest.  
No cummerbund or vest?Go to double breasted tux. P.S.I think that this modern hate for cummerbunds is because this garnment today  is cut ugly.A good cummerbund should be cut to be invisible whit the coat buttoned (same for the vest,obviously).The pleats of cummerbund should be upwards (so you could put a buisness cards or tickets inside).Some cummerbunds have inside on the front one or two burnished snap fastner for anchor the garnment to the trousers.
Is a nice jacket (and i like a style more built)... Pity only for the low gorge.   PS. The collar on back,sever only because the guy with the glass hava a hand on the shoulder of Mr Yamato?
Absolutly!But he can make a different double breasted or is his only DB house style?
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