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This can be interesting. Is a comparison between a double breasted  cut in 1935 circa by Vincenzo Attolini,cutter of Rubinacci (Naples)  for the Prince Filippo Caracciolo di Castagneto and a double brested cut by Scholte (or his head cutter) in the same years for HRH Edward Prince of Wales ( then Edward VIII,then Duke of Windsor).   The Rubinacci coat have extended darts ( a feature present also in British tailoring) and high peak lapels, the Scholte coat have...
I hope the "the next thing" is not the 70s fashion.
Is the too much skinny too much short silhouette in men suits at the end of his fashion cycle? And is possible see the next silhouette in vogue tomorrow?
Some update?
The real thing. I repeat,none dressed in these ugly bags of cloth in Italy (see above for the real Italian style in 80s) Armani at home sold  especially  fashion for women ,but for men the business were the exportation in foreign countries, especially USA that- never understood why-loved this stuff.
Were mainly for exportation.I don't know why in USA were fixed with that crap back then.I don't remember no one dressed in that way in Italy.This was the real Italian 80s style:          
I think that the Windsor style,working 4x4,with only the lower couple of button buttoned (and at waist level) is a style more easy and smart. Attention,i mean the real windsor style,not the "Kent" 4x2, destroyed in the 80s by Armani and his imitators.   THIS,YES:     THIS,NO!  
  Liverano & Liverano double breasted.
    The Duke of Windsor's favourite style (on the right an Italian interpretation).
A bit bold this strange Scottish outfit,but i like the cut more  than that wooden two buttons. P.S.I'm the only to be a bit disgusted by the dirty nails of Rory in the videos? 
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