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For exemple, a very interesting prices... http://www.gentlemansgazette.com/enzo-carfora-bespoke-tailor/
Wise decision son,you are enlisted.      
This is a Pirozzi's coat for a suit of Mr Daniele Savarè. When is well guided Pirozzi is a very versatile and skilful tailor. Note how much is clean and sharp  this coat. Unfortunately many pictures of Pirozzi's work depict garish things like the horse blanket of Gianni. But the cut of Pirozzi is very remarkable;he is one of few Neapolitan tailors remained of the true Neapolitan structurate school.
The next coat of Gianni. Of course the cloth is vintage.
An  interesting thing is that Gennaro Paone was trained by Schiraldi,and Schiraldi was a exponent of structurate Neapolitan school. (see the shoulders in this picture:  http://gentleman-napoletano.tumblr.com/post/71759778620/rossano-brazzi-1948-italian-actor-and-client-of )
I agree.
Lapo wear all. Grandfather's suit (some from Huntsman),Rubinacci,Caraceni,Sciamat,and some minor tailors from all Italy. I think that in this moment his main tailor is Ribinacci (the cutter of Milan shop). Is said that Alain Elkann,and John Elkan are Anderson & Sheppard customers (but i think that they use also other tailors).
Lapo's dad is said wear to Anderson & Sheppard.
Fancy dress for Halloween parties?
 Ah,those good old vintage tricksters! 
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