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edit-was supposed to be a pm
  Thanks for the link. Ill spend some time on the site tomorrow, see if I can sniff something out.   2-3 years ago I could have driven the 40 miles to SF for an 11pm Edinburgh do. These days its just not possible. Got to be up to early. Your description of "bit small" jives with the only other review I got from a friend who complained that its "always the same six people playing the same records to eachother"... though I would still like to check it out for myself.   Cheers.
This seems like a good place to ask.   I am going to be in NYC for more than half of December. (8th-24th). Ive spent most of this year digging into Northern Soul sounds, but in San Francisco there isn't really much in the way of a "soul night" anywhere except the once a month Tuesday night at Edinburgh Castle...   Anyone know of any (Northern) Soul nights currently happening in NY? I was scanning this thread and saw some mentions of Subway Soul...
....bump.[Edited so the pics would show direct instead of a photobucket link.]   Not sure why I can't get an answer but If I am doing some type of SF faux pas please let me know.. PM or even go for a public flogging if that's your style. I got thick skin.   I also posted this in the "ask a quick question" thread but it went unanswered. Figured the thread title might attract a  generous expert willing to share their knowledge.  
Is this an authentic Belstaff? Id be surprised if it was fake but have never seen that particular label. Thanks for any help.  
Hello all! As you can see my post count is sort of low so I apologize if this thread is in the wrong place or something. I searched for other Belstaff threads before making this one, but non seemed quite relevant. Ive been searching for a nice looking old Trialmaster that wasnt WAY out of my (admittedly "small potatoes") price range and in the process I stumbled across this. Now, I'm clearly no expert so please forgive me but can anyone tell me anything about this jacket?...
UPDATE! ALL SOLD    Help me build up my ratings and grab a bargain! I 100% Guarantee your satisfaction. Any problem with your purchase and I send you a full refund. Thanks so much for looking.
Hello. My name is Brandon. Been lurking the board for a few years.   I wont lie, I signed up today to try out the business end of this forum. After 10 years of selling on eBay I have had it with those guys! (Sound familiar?)   Anyways, I am a college student with decent scholarships and financial aide. I also used to maeka  bit of money on the side selling records but for the past year have been selling mostly clothes instead. Really, you never know what I might...
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