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And now my size is gone.  Don't hesitate gentlemen.
Thank you to all who suggested Barrie sizing.  If I went true to size they would have been too big.  Picked these up with the %10 code and couldn't be happier.  If some of you are waiting for a sale and have a common size I suggest buy now.  There will be no more special color cordovan for a long time according to Horween.  Mine are quite dark at the moment but with some wear and a lot of brushing they will lighten a little and just be damn beautiful.  This is a...
Just read the reply from Horween to Namor in the EG thread.  No shell until later this year.  I feel good to know my Marlows are in the mail.  Too much of a gamble to wait for a big sale.
After seeing Mike's pictures I have no regrets for paying 765.  I have spoken to some people who work with Horween and shell is going to be more difficult to get in the near future.  Alden takes about two years to fill an order for special colors these days so I would be paying more waiting for them.  Now when can I get some CJ RL ptbs? 
Thank you everyone for the help.  Just got them for $765 and there is free shipping at this time so I am a happy guy.  I don't know if my size would have been around for sale time or if they would be included in future sales.  My first CJ RL shoe and in cordovan! 
Thank you to Mdubs and Zippyh for the information.  Even at $850 I think they are worth it and from what I have read they seem to be getting harder to find on sale.   And with brown/cigar shell from Horween is becoming so rare waiting for a sale is risky. 
Have a few questions for you RL cordovan experts.  My barrie size is 7.5 so that is what I will go with for the Marlow since that seems to be general opinion.  Do I dare wait for a sale or just buy them right away?  I find in most brands size 7.5 goes quickly but I have never bought cordovan from RL.  Thank you in advance for any information.
Thank you!  Just bought some Baldwin denim.
thank you!
Sorry if this has already been answered.  How will the sale work for Canadians?  Is there something we have to do with the site?  Thank you for any help.  So excited to buy something!
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