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I am hoping we see more bull hide in the future.  Loving my bison.
Was wondering the same thing.  I want to get a pair but don't want to do the MTO thing.  Want to see how close they are to Vibergs after reading many different opinions.
Thank you very much!  That is color I am looking for.
Anyone come across pictures of the notre tan horsehide boots in natural light?  Curious to see how much red is in the tan and the texture of the leather.
insane in the best way
Hello Saskatchewan winter boots!
We must be very close in size because that is the same for me.  My 7 I have to wear thin socks and my 7.5 I can go medium now and maybe heavy socks later.
color 16 burgundy horsehide from Brooklyn clothing
I think you will really enjoy them and I am surprised they haven't sold out since it is such a great color and the leather has character.
    Brooklyn carries a lot of great Vibergs but when I walked in these jumped out at me.  They have some texture on the sides that give them character.  I have the bison and these are as interesting but in a different way.  The owner and staff were helpful and easy to talk to.  If you are ever in Calgary you need to stop in.  A great selection of jeans and jackets also.
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