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If anyone has experience wearing both barrie and Alfred Sargent 7WK would you say they are a similar fit?  Any help greatly appreciated.
Anything on the 2030 with Dainite or leather soles I am in for. 
I think they went up very recently.  If anyone out there has worn both barrie and 7WK please let me know how similar they are.
Thank you!  I don't know if you have worn alden but would you say the 7wk is similar to barrie last?
  I came across the Alfred Sargent boot on jcrew and it looks great.  I called them and asked what last it is on and they told me 7WK.  I also emailed them and they told me the 3050 last.  On the Alfred sargent website I looked at the profile picture of the 3050 last and it looks huge.  I have the Cambridge on the 87 last and it fits really well so I am worried that the 3050 last would be too loose.  Does anyone have any experience with this last?  Is it possible...
That is a good point but what shops in Canada have the selection of Yoox?  I would happily buy from a Canadian retailer but we are very limited when it comes to mens clothing in Canada.  If there was the Canadian version of Yoox I would be buying from them.
Does anyone know of a grey suede Carmina boot?  Any news of one coming in the future? MTOs?
If anyone speaks to Yoox before I do can you please post any information that they give about why Canadians should pay this much and why we should continue shopping with them.  It would be greatly appreciated.  I cannot understand why they would risk losing thousands of customers and dollars. 
I have also been shopping with Yoox for years to Canada and was planning to buy more in the future.  Now with this extra tax I might as well just buy when it goes on regular sale from a shop or department store.  This is so disappointing for myself and I am sure many other Canadians.  I plan on calling them for an explanation and reasons why I should still give them my money.  Why do Canadians always get screwed with international shopping? 
Thank you for the info.  The jacket I want is in a size 42 and that is too big. I will just have to hope for something in the future.
New Posts  All Forums: