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Bottom left corner, Shannons? Have a pair myself.
Just stunning.  That is a great collection!
Thank you!  I agree great bang for your buck.  I didnt catch this until you guys mentioned it but the heels do wear down quite fast.  I also have the lindrick Namor and that is another boot essentiel for the collection.
It is the Lomond for Pediwear.  On sale right now!
Picked this up from Paul and friends located in sweden.  I think it is on the 2298
Very welcome!
All are the same size.  blue, brown, and waxy champagne(grey/brown in person) are on the 4497 last, burgundy cordovan on the 2298, lollipop on the 4444.  I could have went down a half size on the 4444.  I wear really thick socks with them and they are okay.  I just got the waxy champagne from END clothing.  They don't list the last but I am guessing it is 4497.  When I look at my pictures again they do look like they could be 4444.  Might just be the angle.  My first...
    Trickers burgundy
    The family for now.
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