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Never really wanted an engineer until now.  After seeing those pictures and people putting great ideas for leather choices.  Horsehide engineers would be delicious.
One of the best dressed guys in Calgary!  I have not seen anyone wearing EG in Calgary before.
I have 2030 and 1035.  Would like to try the 110 after reading all the positive feedback on it here.  1035 is an easier fit for me but I do like the look of 2030.
Alden did the same thing with Barrie last after they started getting popular.  Nothing wrong with Barrie but they have other good lasts too.
I can only guess it will age beautifully.
Would that age the same as natural chromexcel?
I am hoping we see more bull hide in the future.  Loving my bison.
Was wondering the same thing.  I want to get a pair but don't want to do the MTO thing.  Want to see how close they are to Vibergs after reading many different opinions.
Thank you very much!  That is color I am looking for.
Anyone come across pictures of the notre tan horsehide boots in natural light?  Curious to see how much red is in the tan and the texture of the leather.
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