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Thank you for the info.  The jacket I want is in a size 42 and that is too big. I will just have to hope for something in the future.
For those with experience with Krane, if I am about 178cm/5'10 and about 78kilos/178 pounds with an athletic build what size would you suggest?  Any help would be appreciated!
gerry I mean if you go to epauletnewyork and click on boots that model is listed as 825 but when you click on the boot it comes up as 895 Im sure they are 895 I just got excited to see them a little cheaper 
gerry nelson
check epauletnewyork
Are the carmina saddle shell boots 825 or 895? My size is there and I have eyeballing those for months.
To anyone else out there who got the cognac bal boot, did you have any exposed stitching around the toe and was the leather around the toe very dry and weak looking.  The other boot is 100% perfect.
I just did my second coat of lexol on my whiskey calf and it still feels a little dry.  I was thinking of using Obenaufs for the next round.  Didnt someone earlier in the thread use obenaufs with success? 
Unipair shop in Seoul carries a big selection of Carmina and their prices are comparable to other shops.  They do international shipping also.
I wouldnt describe seoul as hassle free as a foreigner and locals arent always laid back(compared to North Americans or Aussies)  but I understand the attractive chaos that seoul offers.  I also wish I lived in the high rises of hannam or apkujeong sometimes.  There is a huge difference between being middle class and upper class due to the outrageous prices on luxury items.  TOJ is the best value around!!!
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