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    Brooklyn carries a lot of great Vibergs but when I walked in these jumped out at me.  They have some texture on the sides that give them character.  I have the bison and these are as interesting but in a different way.  The owner and staff were helpful and easy to talk to.  If you are ever in Calgary you need to stop in.  A great selection of jeans and jackets also.
1035 is very comfortable in my opinion!
Viberg 146 XI CSA Ironworker Red Dog Leather Anyone have this boot? It is starting to grow on me. 
Cant see them all the in the pictures but after reading I checked mine and I have 8 eyelets the same size.
viberg sweetness
what leather are you working on?
there are leather delicate creams that might work
Not necessarily for the GMTO,  but if people are interested I say go for it.  I have the regular bison and wouldn't mind getting a pair in roughout.
Bison roughout possible?  Anyone know of a bootmaker using it?
I am happy with the results.  This batch doesnt have the red tones that I have seen on the older aged bark.  The lotion wasnt dry when I took the pictures so they are a little lighter than that.  I could go full on with obenaufs oil but going to wait and see.
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