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I would like to see them put up some profile pics of the lakeshore last.  I have the trench boots on the elston last and am very happy with them.
the second picture is from retricker on ebay and they usually list the last in the description, my guess is the 81 last
The bison is thicker than my latigo but it has been an easier break in.  That is more about the last difference than the leather i guess.  1035 vs 2030
Thank you, that is a push in the right direction!
Two different animals and two different lasts.  I might be crazy not to have both.
Would it be too much to have the bison and the tan horsehides?  I need justification from Viberg brothers.
If I didnt have the bison I would be getting that tan horsehide.  Just stunning.
Those look great for warmer days.  I have boots but never tried a shoe in Viberg. Looks like natural chromexcel with a little age on it. 
I have them and I agree it is not the best looking last but it does fit much better out the box than 2030 and for this type of leather a more classic boot last works best.
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