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Got these beauties from Brooklyn.  The sales staff and owner were great to deal with and had a good chat with them.
Why not many half sizes????????
Your welcome! If i was mostly wearing chinos I would stay with the original color.
I just use neutral shoe cream.  The original color is good but I wear darker denim and after conditioning they are a better match for that in my opinion.
I went tts and regret not going a half size down.  They fit well with a thick sock but I am seeing some deep creases already.  That could be the leather though.  Not as thick as viberg or oak street.
If any character would be wearing Vibergs it would be Julian.  Ricky rocks track pants so no Vibergs for him.  Bubbles would say Vibergs are too fancy for his shed.
Throw some pics up after you care for them!  Love the buffalo.
I have used venetian and neutral shoe cream on mine.  Both work well.
Did not know that.  Thank you for the info!
New Posts  All Forums: