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Well, I am out because I don't want to take chances paying taxes or duty on a Canadian product being a Canadian. 
I have both and the forest has a higher toe box but feels like the Oscar has more width.  I prefer the Oscar for a boot because I get more creases with forest.
LA Guy sorry to bother with this question again but would the boots be sent to you first or would they go out individually?  Asking as a Canadian.  Any information greatly appreciated.
Thank you Roger!  I am still on the fence about the jcrew AS boot.
Any love for merlot?    Does Viberg have a burgundy color in other leathers?
I used to buy from Yoox but with this system I would only buy something if it went on deep discount.  At this time you might as well buy it from a regular shop because there are no savings.
How would this work for Canadians?  Would it be sent to the states first and then back to Canada?  I really want vibergs but don't want to be stuck with import fees on a Canadian boot.  And is there any interest in a merlot service boot?
If anyone has experience wearing both barrie and Alfred Sargent 7WK would you say they are a similar fit?  Any help greatly appreciated.
Anything on the 2030 with Dainite or leather soles I am in for. 
I think they went up very recently.  If anyone out there has worn both barrie and 7WK please let me know how similar they are.
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