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Anyone know of what leathers might be coming in the next month or two?
Just about to order olive and now it is gone!
For anyone who ordered the dark olive does it take a shine?  The description says heavily oiled so I am wondering if it stays matte or with wax it can be shined up.  Any information greatly appreciated.
Considering the oatmeal longwings.  Also curious to see what boots come out in the fall.
Love the grain on those!
I would take a 7 if there is an extra around.
How is it compared to other viberg leathers in terms of how flexible the leather is.  Have a buddy that might be interested.
Got these beauties from Brooklyn.  The sales staff and owner were great to deal with and had a good chat with them.
Why not many half sizes????????
Your welcome! If i was mostly wearing chinos I would stay with the original color.
New Posts  All Forums: