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Have a few questions for you RL cordovan experts.  My barrie size is 7.5 so that is what I will go with for the Marlow since that seems to be general opinion.  Do I dare wait for a sale or just buy them right away?  I find in most brands size 7.5 goes quickly but I have never bought cordovan from RL.  Thank you in advance for any information.
My pictures won't do the wallet justice.  This is exactly what I wanted and I got it.  I have been looking for an interesting burgundy wallet and Andrew made it happen.  He is a pleasure to work with and he gave me all options possible.  I went with burgundy sokoto goat for the exterior and burgundy river grain goat for the interior.  The lining is a tan kangaroo.  The two burgundy colors are slightly different, the exterior is more of a dark wine burgundy and the interior...
Thank you!  Just bought some Baldwin denim.
thank you!
Sorry if this has already been answered.  How will the sale work for Canadians?  Is there something we have to do with the site?  Thank you for any help.  So excited to buy something!
No want my money? 
I am also a 8US/7UK and surprised you guys don't carry that size as most shops do.  I am interested in buying some Alfred Sargent and Vass but I know 7.5UK will not be a good fit.  Any plans in the future for a size 7UK?  Would the 41 in the Vass grain norweger be a true 7UK?   And I think your selection of shoes and clothing are unmatched by any other shop out there!
Are there any pictures out there comparing the toe box of 2030 and 2040?  I really like this idea but not sure about a black tongue.  It might be too much contrast.  This makeup should be amazing!  
I see your point on the threads that move slower but in fairness the alden thread can go 5-7 pages in a matter of twelve hours.  Not everyone is going back to read those pages so it might be the first time someone sees them.   I see photos repeated on a regular basis in this thread.  I think that is just part of the process and  I just go with it and keep scrolling down.  By the number of posts you have you spend a lot of time on here so I can see how you would feel...
If you don't like it just scroll down.  Why should the rest of us have to read about what you don't like?
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