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I hope you guys make this,  I would to see my model in cordovan.
Now I would love to pick a pair on the 81 in calf.  Just can't find many Trickers boots on that last.  Its a damn shame because it is so nice.  I enjoy all three lasts but if I am wearing slimmer pants or more formal pants it works well.
      Here is the 81 last in cordovan to give you some reference,  I really enjoy wearing this last.  Something more formal than the 4444 and 4497
the black service boot is viberg but the brown is as you said a redwing
club monaco viberg ? http://www.clubmonaco.com/product/index.jsp?productId=66437006
      My Lomonds, thank you pediwear.  Just waiting for fall so I can wear them.
Is it possible to reserve a planned arrival boot or buy it before it arrives?
    Champagne for everyone
Thank you, I will go with my UK size as I have a little room with that size.
If anyone has a size 7 on the 1035 last could you post measurements of length and width please.  Greatly appreciated.
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