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If they had a leather midsole I might have kept them with the mini ripple. 
thank you for the feedback guys, with the leather soles now i can wear them with denim or chinos and that was another factor in my decision
Resh shoe repair at Unipair in Seoul
Before and after. Fok? Anyone? Thoughts?  I liked the mini ripple but I prefer a heavier sole and I'm ancient (over 40) so I feel a leather sole is a better match for me.
I got them last spring so havent had a chance to try them on snow or ice.
I like mine.  Traction is very good.
Does anyone remember if Viberg was excluded from Black Friday last year?  The horsehide looks great.
Does anyone remember if Vibergs were excluded from the black friday sale at No Man Walks Alone last year?
Thank you for the feedback, do you know what name trickers uses for that color?
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