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I am happy with the results.  This batch doesnt have the red tones that I have seen on the older aged bark.  The lotion wasnt dry when I took the pictures so they are a little lighter than that.  I could go full on with obenaufs oil but going to wait and see.
My aged bark came in today from Notre.  I felt the color was too light and didn't care for the texture.  I tried out some lotions and oils on the inside of the boot and went with Collonil aloe vera leather lotion.  Changed it to more of a icy mocha chromexcel color and smoothed out the leather.  The aged bark felt too dry to me.  
  Get the bison!  These are even better in person.
  aged bark after leather preserve,  I am very tempted to try this when I get them
Also, have the aged bark from Notre on the way.  Anyone used any conditioner on aged bark?  Came across this picture. This is with renovateur.
I own a lot of different brands and Viberg is a hard break in because of the thick leather.  That is a good thing in my book.  I am in the same situation between a 7 and 7.5 on the 2030.  I have the latigo in 7 and after 10 wears they are much looser than the first time.  I won't be wearing thick socks with them.   The 1035 in a 7 I can wear a thicker sock.  If I wanted a thick winter sock then I would go 7.5.
I have owned both and the coniston has a much higher toebox.  Same size on both.  I take my UK size in Viberg.
Thank you, are they a close match in texture?  My bisons don't really match but I am okay with that.  Leather is leather.
If anyone here got a pair of horsehide boots from Notre recently do they have a heavy grain or on the smooth side?
For this batch of horsehide boots would you say they are smoother or have a heavy grain?
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