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      My three indy boots.  Would love a whiskey or the new green suede.
  Both alden and churches make great boots.  I have two pairs of churches and they have excellent finishing.  Some of my Aldens are great and some had to go back.  Bespoken, I also agree when Alden gets #8 right it is beautiful.  My trickers burgundy cordovan from shinki/comipel are not as shiny but I do like the trickers dress boot last.  Carmina, Alden, Trickers- different shades of burgundy/#8  I get a different feeling from each brand but in a good way.
I think when you get a great pair of Aldens you have a great pair of boots.  I have had to return too many Aldens including cordovan for sloppy finishing to think they are better than other brands.  I love the ones I have but I would never buy another pair unless it was in front of me to be checked at the time.  Trickers, Viberg, Alfred Sargent, Crockett Jones, and others make great boots.
On par with Alden finishing 5-7 years ago when I first started buying and better than Alden finishing these days.
I like them very much.  Finding a good looking green boot is hard and the last is very comfortable.  Similar to barrie and truebalance.
Tassels Hong Kong
            My plain toe boots on the Hampton last in color #8 and my indy boots in cigar, natural chromexcel, and navy suede.  The natural indys have a flat welt.  I think it looks great.  Less of a fat ass.
Here is my part two.   Churchs olive calf           Indy boots in Cigar, Natural Chromexcel, and Navy suede     Alden plain toe in #8 on Hampton last   Carmina scotch grain and burgundy cordovan, both on Oscar last
Leathersoul listed it as Parisian blue.  A little lighter than navy. 
Foot the Coacher is a Japanese brand that sometimes collaborates with Grenson.  MrPorter has carried them before.  Mine are from Unipair in Seoul.  They seem similar to Viberg.  Somewhat of a narrow last like the 2030 for Viberg on the heaviest sole I have come across.  The horsehide is comfortable but wrinkles very easily.
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