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If anyone has a size 7.5 or 8 could you post up the outsole measurements please.  I am between sizes and the truman last looks to be on the generous size.  Any help appreciated.
great song
This is me exactly.  I can wear truebalance in both 7 and 7.5.  The 7.5 has a little extra room.  I bought a 7 on the 2030 and they are snug but I know soon they will perfectly fit my feet.  With the gusset tongue it traps a lot of heat so I don't need a heavy sock.  I was worried after the first few wears because Viberg uses such thick leather but with each wear they are getting better.  Long story short I agree with Akeem, if you want a snug fit take your UK size if you...
Alden finishing has been sloppy in the last five years. What you are seeing seems to be more common than the past.
Thank you gambit, I might have to get me some icy mocha!
anyone have updates on what leathers are coming in?
Where did you see this picture?
Don't want my money, strange, but I'm sure I can find a shop that does. 
Any epaulet staff want to jump in on this question.  Sent a pm and no response.
Sorry if this has been previously asked.  Will the bullhide or bison boots ever be back in size 8?
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