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Tassels Hong Kong
            My plain toe boots on the Hampton last in color #8 and my indy boots in cigar, natural chromexcel, and navy suede.  The natural indys have a flat welt.  I think it looks great.  Less of a fat ass.
Here is my part two.   Churchs olive calf           Indy boots in Cigar, Natural Chromexcel, and Navy suede     Alden plain toe in #8 on Hampton last   Carmina scotch grain and burgundy cordovan, both on Oscar last
Leathersoul listed it as Parisian blue.  A little lighter than navy. 
Foot the Coacher is a Japanese brand that sometimes collaborates with Grenson.  MrPorter has carried them before.  Mine are from Unipair in Seoul.  They seem similar to Viberg.  Somewhat of a narrow last like the 2030 for Viberg on the heaviest sole I have come across.  The horsehide is comfortable but wrinkles very easily.
Yes, it does not hold up as well in the rain as Horween.  I can shine them up with a little work but not as shiny as my alden or carmina.  What I like most about these boots is the last.
        My small but growing Trickers collection.
Here is my collection for the viewing. Lindrick, a styleforum favorite.   Trickers parisian blue, lollipop, and burgundy cordovan     Foot the Coacher horsehide from Japan.  That sole is a beast. Edward Green shannon and Carmina suede   This is part one.  More coming soon.
Leather Soul Herman Parisian Blue.  I was lucky enough to get them on sale.  I get compliments from women every single time I wear them.
And now my size is gone.  Don't hesitate gentlemen.
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