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The B. Son henley's are great. context has them. They are quite long in the sleeves and body. I also got some from 429 that are really nice.
not so secret location 9970 S Santa Monica Blvd Beverly Hills, CA 90212 310-284-8093 map
How was he disrespectful? All-caps is annoying and difficult to read. In fact, on average people read all-caps 13% slower than correct typing. I own a pair of 5EPs, and I love them. I look forward to khakis as well.
This shirt, as cool now as it was when I was nine? Incidentally, the 5eps are 34 inseams. I wouldn't really want to go shorter, and I will stretch them whenever I wash them. I'm curious though; others have said their 32-labelled 5eps actually measure 34, but these are labelled 34 and measure 34.
yeah, i went there RLPL polo Rachel Comey cardigan - the one that was on clearance at Oak 5ep straight down puma mihara
Yes, they are a little slow responding to email. However, they shipped the day after I sent payment. I would say, just be patient.
Looks good. A little winter Navy uniform though.
Red Wings? American brand, obviously, but you don't usually see that color scheme here. linky
I wash my jeans each time this thread is bumped from nowhere.
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