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5' of stoppage time.
LOL, what a disgraceful game.
Suarez biting again with his rat teeth. For fuck's sake.
And a yellow for that when it's been going on all game.
Exactly, no malice and no dangerous negligence. There have been more dangerous challenges in the game.
Sounds awful, but I kinda wanna see Buffon box the ball back at Suarez so it knocks his two front teeth out.
Sure, but it's no red and from his angle he just touches his calf. This referee could've decided the game with some heavy-handed officiating.
This referee is especially awful. A red for what? There have been dozens of plays equal if not worse than that. Also LOL @ that yellow card for Uruguay at the start of the half. Get rid of this dolt.
Is Suarez or Balotelli more annoying?
Suarez's barrel roll.
New Posts  All Forums: