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I never said they would be. A lot of plaques, name changes, etc. are done in honor of the benefactor though.Moreso than dumping a bucket of ice water on your head. I think my point was very clear anyway, though.
Oops, dumb confusion.
Anyway, I challenge people to take public transport or ride a bike to work or pick up litter along the highway or anything that requires actual effort and produces actual benefits. Charity and vanity don't mix well, but the Ice Bucket Challenge is both at once.
Nope, that's how much money they've raised altogther. Reporters are really lazy, considering that number is directly from the ALS Association website and specifies clearly what it's comprised of.It's still a sizable amount, but the press release it comes from has a misleading headline. Someone didn't actually read the release itself, though.
Booker's is a bad gin for negronis. Too big for the Campari, in my opinion.
What's even the point of doing that? It's not like they'll get to the destination any faster. I guess they just can't wait to sit in those comfy airplane seats.
shut up idiot
Please elaborate.
Why are y'all not just using Campari? The vermouth and gin can be substituted, but experimenting with aperitivi aside from Campari is more for the longtime fan than someone drinking Negronis for the first few (hundred) times.
I saw Guardians of the Galaxy and thought it was a huge amateur mess. Easily the worst Marvel movie to date, and I've enjoyed all of them besides maybe Iron Man III. The screenplay was horrible in general, script and all, and the acting was pretty bad except for the voiceovers. Chris Pratt was really out of his comfort zone playing a witty rogue instead of a likeable dope and he struggled with comic delivery of lines that were derivative as well as wholly unfunny to...
New Posts  All Forums: