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Worst part of that Italian performance was that I probably need to wait until tomorrow to see a good game.
I wish the announcers wouldn't talk about this supposedly amazing Costa Rican team. Maybe compared to their previous teams, but nothing they did today vs. a plodding Italian team means much. And why do announcers comment on stuff that happened over two decades ago as if it has any relevance to the current situation? They do it in every sport and it's just annoying banter.
Sadly accurate.
Could Balotelli get on side sometime? Would probably help.
Why does this fat bastard talk all the time? Put a trough in front of him so he shuts the fuck up.
Would like to see that again from a different angle. Maybe ESPN will actually show it instead of the obvious goal.The Italian team is a bit old. I didn't have high expectations going into this, but I'd like to see them play a bit better than they are right now.
Time to break out those nice Italian flops and dives.
For fuck's sake.
Pirlo's nonchalant perfect passes are always so much fun to watch.
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