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You should learn better self-control.
'90s also gave us The Cranberries.
Calories pretty much are nutrition. I mean, now that all grains are enriched and multivitamins can be had for pennies, malnutrition in the civilized world is easily avoided and pretty much non-existent except for particular cases (homeless addicts and such). If you eat less of a calorie-dense food you consume fewer calories, too.
All grains are bad for you. Sure, humanity lived and often prospered on them even during the most difficult times, but they're all bad for you. Imagine what we could've accomplished if our ancestors took better care of themselves!
Thanks to foodguy for solving ridiculous things that should have never been a problem. Even if you don't want to use his solution, what is so difficult about putting beans in a pot with some water and putting it on the counter/refrigerator/whatever?
Y'all forgettin' Needle and the Spoon.
Canada has Neil Young, we have Skynyrd. Advantage America.
All the Italian pizza makers in Rome are Egyptian.
Anyone mention The Clapper yet?
Thanks for restating the obvious, but nobody is actually arguing the facts.
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