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Time to break out those nice Italian flops and dives.
For fuck's sake.
Pirlo's nonchalant perfect passes are always so much fun to watch.
Should've been a yellow there.
Welp, here we go.
To be fair, this is what I said:And I still maintain that.And really, what prompted it was the few comments from people who think a single player can carry a team in the WC. C'mon, that's just obtuse.
I'm talking about competitiveness among scorers within their leagues. Goals scored by a player in the EPL can't be reliably compared to someone else's in La Liga or Serie A.Suarez is a piece of shit. He can play the game well (including the metagame ) but he's just a total ratfaced piece of typical football trash off the pitch.And if Suarez can carry teams so well, how's Liverpool doing in interleague club comps?Anyway, I think we can all agree that Gerrard...
Didn't see the CR match, just glanced at the outcome and Google's play-by-play.Club football teams and national teams are not the same. I thought that was pretty obvious.If you want a bit more to think about, have you considered that a lot of players are in different leagues and never face each other? Not to mention that the of the league itself is a big indicator of the player's performance. EPL is good, yeah, but so are a lot of others. Even taking just the better...
Nope, I don't follow the EPL or club football much in general. Saw Suarez put up a big fat goose egg vs. Costa Rica though.Oh, EPL. Big deal. Isn't that the one where Sturridge and Mooney actually matter?Club football means next to nothing in the WC and, to a lesser extent, the Euro. It gives a good indicator of who to look out for, that's it. So far Suarez hasn't done anything impressive.
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