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Kinda want England to win, but these are two loser teams. Edit: me too, it puts Italy in the best place for the group but I feel sorry for England.
Probably, sadly.
Fang is petty, I deal with real absurdities.
You couldn't be any more incorrect, especially in this case.
And the ones in between are usually I stating why that is so.If this were a forum that had a majority of people of the opposite mindset, what do you think posts contrary to the norm would be?Anyway, relevant to the AC thing, don't you find that absurd? I think I've seen it that way since I was a teenager.
Yup, it's really heated up.
Energy isn't just a subsidized dollar amount at the bottom of a letter. Sounds psychotic to most Americans when I say things like this, but to me I don't see the point in wasting energy and money by doing stupid stuff like eating a lot of food, sitting indoors, and then exercising (often inside on electrical equipment in air conditioning) to compensate -- and it's not like this isn't the norm.
Oh, I know. They had (and still have) a good team. But really, the 2010 final was silly. Considering all the nonsense that went on that game, if Spain had lost we would've been hearing something different (or at least less bombastic) for the past six years.
I think people that need constant air conditioning and can't take the heat should re-evaluate how they handle it. Most are fat or overly large (higher internal wattage, making them hotter), dress poorly (linen and certain cotton weaves work wonders), and are afraid of the tiniest amount of sweat (I see this a lot with women who need to paint their faces on). I hate the sterility of air conditioning more than anything else, and I'm talking less about the air itself than...
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