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Through marketing and the irrational belief it begets.
It's spam.
Plus the reason he seems to just get hit with the ball is that he gets himself to the right place so that it does hit him.
I don't think anyone likes diving, but Robben was fouled in the box even if it wasn't the most egregious. There have been much worse dives -- look at the Crotia-Brazil game -- so I don't know why it's a talking point now, especially considering it's not much of a dive if there's a foul.
Which commentary were you listening to? It was a pretty valid PK situation on its own and gets validated more as a makeup call for the other one in the first half.
It was a penalty even if Robben was selling it too.
I need to be at a Mexican restaurant right now.
Fucking Ochoa!
Zzzzz....The Godfather is one of those movies that just Has To Be The Best. It's not. Not even close. There are many problems with it, most of which can be summed up as as either a reliance on cheap stereotypes or flailing and failing at themes -- the plot is dragged along because, duh, they're mobsters and Italians, and whatever message is trying to be said is half-baked and often incoherent. Michael's trip to Italy is the perfect example of both of these (as well as...
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