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This referee is especially awful. A red for what? There have been dozens of plays equal if not worse than that. Also LOL @ that yellow card for Uruguay at the start of the half. Get rid of this dolt.
Is Suarez or Balotelli more annoying?
Suarez's barrel roll.
It's a modern (and weird) translation...
Huh wha...which version are you reading?
Love watching these Dutchmen. They're so fast on the breaks it's like they take off their sandals and have a windmill behind them!
Do Chileans naturally have a higher center of gravity?
Yeah, then we can have arguments about what the clock should be like in the NFL. Then add time for those arguments.5 minutes of stoppage time was in the US' favor. If anything, it should've been much more than that.The US shouldn't have been saved by the clock. They made a mistake. Besides, referees don't just blow the final whistle during a potentially game-changing possession.The ever-running clock is one of the best things about watching soccer.
Pirlo is one of the coolest-looking players and plays real cool too. He looks nothing like the Game of Thrones actor...
Hothouse-grown vegetables are so flavorless.
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