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How long will it take a crying Brazilian slideshow GIF to hit the interwebs?
Loew should put himself in just for fun.
Non-Argentine and non-Brazilian fans of either of those two teams just make me
Gotta ask, are you naturally blind or does it come and go depending on your irrational hatred of a team?Robben is really good. And he was fouled every time he fell this match. He (and the Dutch) deserved to win. The goal post was Costa Rica's 12th ringer.
This goes for the entire Internet porn generation in all sex, sadly.
Long email conversations for work. These are separate tasks. All 15 of them. Please stop replying to the same email chain and send the tasks individually with a proper title that identifies them. Oh, now you want information about a task from last week? Well, let me check the last 100 messages in this email conversation to figure out where that information is.
Through marketing and the irrational belief it begets.
It's spam.
Plus the reason he seems to just get hit with the ball is that he gets himself to the right place so that it does hit him.
New Posts  All Forums: