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Not as bad as when Post tried to change the Honeycomb recipe.
Must be a gift from the Monsanto lobbyists.
Really hard to say because 'favorite movie' isn't one that I'm always going to put on when I decide to rewatch a movie. I think out of all the great entertaining movies out there, Network probably has the most take-away -- it's about as close as anyone working with film has ever come to Shakespeare-level insight and eloquence. It's first and foremost entertaining, simultaneously sincere and ridiculous, and one viewing simply isn't sufficient nor exhaustive. It's...
Did nobody else notice that both Jennifer Lawrence and Jeremy Renner had transient, horrible accents in American Hustle? Even Bale's bat voice-ish New Yorsey hodgepodge was better -- and at least consistent. Considering Lawrence is up yet again for an Oscar (even after winning one last year for that trash Silver Linings Playbook), is the Academy just riding her popularity or are its members really so incompetent that they don't notice she's an actress that can't even...
Scales are not independent of instruments in this case -- measurements are not deterministic, so saying 'It's 50 degree Fahrenheit' outside' as if it's some word of God truth doesn't happen. When the fledgling creator of a thermometer decided the spacing was going to be such and such and the zero value was going to be yadda yadda, he didn't make sure that it matched his arbitrary values first. When a man working on instruments to measure temperature decides to use a...
Fahrenheit's definitely a better scale. I can understand the problems with other English units (especially mass), but Celsius is just less precise. From what I gather, Celsius was adopted because instruments that originally measured in Celsius were more precise at the time. Oh well. Small matter.
Preview for this thread reads 'last night whilst surfing the channels (television) I came...'
Save electricity? Electric toilet?
I often don't eat all day while I'm working, then I eat when the work's done. A meal after a long day of not eating makes me really restless. Currently trying to dance the energy off with some classic disco so I can get some sleep.
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