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You don't know because they're not '808s'. It's the fucking 808. It's always been 'the 808'. (.e.g. 'I made this song on an 808' or 'the 808' not 'I used 808s'). And it's a qualification for demonstrating a base level of knowledge and that you've listened to other music produced on them and the other famous synth drum machines and comparing them to the trash that Kanye's record company production team makes.And I do listen to hip hop, just not the fucking Two Chains and...
Instead of reciting an opinion I can get from any 20-something know-nothing white boy or any of their blogs.Serious question you need to ask yourself: do you even know what an 808 is? If not, please refrain from commenting (or feigning knowledge to win some Internet argument).Anyway, Kanye does the kind of music that I often hear in shopping centers or Tinder date bars and, in the back of my mind, think 'this sucks. Who writes this? Who listens to this?'. I eventually...
Kanye sucks. Trying to say he's anything but a total dumbass and a shitty popstar is ridiculous. 'Influential', maybe, but not in a good way. The old (real) 808, Linndrum, and synthesizer stuff is so much better than whatever crap he makes. Has there been any relevant hip hop made in the past decade that isn't just a bunch of dumbasses like Kanye talking over shitty 'beats'? When you listen to his 'music', what do you do? It's not danceable, it has no decent lyrics,...
(You knew it was coming.)
It's not that cookie-cutter, and I think you're seeing it from the viewpoint of a non-technical field and with a lack of information. This isn't a new email client. This is like vacuum tubes vs. transistors. They already know the benefits. I'm not the guy who's forcing them to change, I'm just the guy who's implementing the changes. I couldn't give a shit one way or another if they use the changes or not. If after I'm gone they decide to pull all the vacuum tubes out...
It's not really a new way to do things. It's just a matter of old people comfortable with old technology and don't want to use newer stuff that's kind of a necessity.
New job totally sucks. Only been at it for a week. Was hired to help get new systems in place and getting resistance from all sides. No authority to force it on people. Persona non grata. wat2do.
I learned that from Microsoft Bob.
The Wire is good for maybe a few episodes in the first two seasons or so. It goes from boring to decent to silly really fast.
This is the information age. It is the poor student who blames his teacher.
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