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Jeremiah Johnson was my favorite Redford movie. He was the original hipster.
The doors open like this not like this!
More like cattle trading and riffs on other primitive cultures like Amazons to fit in with the degeneration of humanity. But sure, feminism.
Mad Max hell yeah.
Age of Ultron sucks just as much as all Joss Whedon crap. If it weren't for the millions put into production and the Marvel license, it would be on the SciFi channel at 8 p.m. Saturday night. Fell asleep a few times during the movie and don't care either.
I love how he scratches it with the button on his back pockets.
The point is that you can. I wouldn't myself, but I also wouldn't say it's wrong. I would say that insisting it's reflexive only is wrong, though.Anyone else care to explain? I don't want to do it myself.
God han decreed it be so.Myself = my self. Normative uses since prescriptive grammar was the cool thing to do have tried to force it to be reflexive and reflexive alone, but it's really not. For one thing, I doubt few people would see faults with I can't get them to help me, so it'll have to be done myself even though 'myself' is, strictly speaking, not used reflexively since it doesn't refer to another pronoun in the same clause. It's actually used intensively here, in...
How many hours per week do you spend in a coffee shop?
The 'Three Little Girls' performance in Topsy Turvy is still the best I've ever seen (not that I see The Mikado that often, but whatever). I've watched it probably at least monthly since I first saw the movie (decent overall with bright spots) four or five years ago.
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