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Slow West is much better. Ex Machina is interesting for 20 minutes until it becomes completely ridiculous and cliched. Just watched The Lincoln Lawyer....pile of implausible, nonsensical crap with McCoolaghey doing his thing and Ryan Philippe thinking statuesque looks means to be a statue.
I guess he didn't watch the show or get the joke.
I enjoyed The Rover. Not Avengers big-picture, but it's not some indie nonsense either.
I don't get all the praise for Blade Runner. It's a puerile movie based on a better book which isn't all that deep to begin with. Some generically cool sci-fi shots, but they were nothing spectacular from what I remember.
Jeremiah Johnson was my favorite Redford movie. He was the original hipster.
The doors open like this not like this!
More like cattle trading and riffs on other primitive cultures like Amazons to fit in with the degeneration of humanity. But sure, feminism.
Mad Max hell yeah.
Age of Ultron sucks just as much as all Joss Whedon crap. If it weren't for the millions put into production and the Marvel license, it would be on the SciFi channel at 8 p.m. Saturday night. Fell asleep a few times during the movie and don't care either.
I love how he scratches it with the button on his back pockets.
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