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Spot on. If you're doing work with turbines for an energy company or something maybe local grad school for the next step of knowledge and paygrade is a good idea, but most lower tier grad schools exist ostensibly to validate foreign undergrad degrees (mostly from the Middle East and Asia) with graduate degrees.I don't understand the point of going to a top tier school for undergrad. A lot of the credentials aren't gained from the university, they're gained from simple...
There are some white ass motherfuckers on SF now and it ain't about skin color.
Should I watch Network or Terminator 2?
When's the next circle jerk?
Y'all borin.
The difference is best measured by the Kinsey Scale: Air Force - 1 Army - 3 Navy - 6
Only by people who lack subtelty and taste.
Pears are superior to apples with which they are often judged.
You can use any surfactant, really. Dish soap, laundry detergent, whatever. Put some on the and rub in a decent amount of water so it foams up a bit...
New Posts  All Forums: