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Dumb necropoast but whatever. Percentage tipping is absolutely stupid. It leads to worse service ('Are you all done with that?') that people have unfortunately come to expect as ideal. And then there's the simple fact that paying a higher tip because of ordering higher-priced meals or beverages is ridiculous.
I know, I was jussayin.
Digital cameras vs film.
Best long take movie is Rope.
Why would you question my reading comprehension? You said this:I said the first scene is 10 minutes long and that it's good.I don't see how I was supposed to know you didn't finish the first scene based on that. Does time move slower in your world?I mean, I really don't care one way or the other. But if you're going to make a comment about reading comprehension, you might want to check your own.
The first scene is 10 minutes long.
If you didn't enjoy the scenes in Slow West you might just be slow.
Slow West is much better. Ex Machina is interesting for 20 minutes until it becomes completely ridiculous and cliched. Just watched The Lincoln Lawyer....pile of implausible, nonsensical crap with McCoolaghey doing his thing and Ryan Philippe thinking statuesque looks means to be a statue.
I guess he didn't watch the show or get the joke.
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