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It's actually a good reason to bring back Ecto Cooler.
A bit of that atavistic German guilt.
Really man? You've beaten this to death. It was a foul. I can't believe anyone would deny that. I didn't know anyone rational still is.
Comment on that site:I am experiencing a feeling of great pleasure from Brazil's humiliation....if only there was a word in German that precisely defined this emotion.
Consistently overrated and they play ugly football. The fans are obnoxious, too. Not the same for Germany or Holland.Edit: yeah the 2010 karate kick was bad, but Xabi Alonso's response was worse. The hatred people have for the Dutch team is especially weird and the latest media 'Robben flop' trend just makes it all that more evident and ridiculous considering how much more it occurs from South American national teams and La Liga players -- which, from what I've seen,...
How long will it take a crying Brazilian slideshow GIF to hit the interwebs?
Loew should put himself in just for fun.
Non-Argentine and non-Brazilian fans of either of those two teams just make me
Gotta ask, are you naturally blind or does it come and go depending on your irrational hatred of a team?Robben is really good. And he was fouled every time he fell this match. He (and the Dutch) deserved to win. The goal post was Costa Rica's 12th ringer.
New Posts  All Forums: