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Yeah, that's probably because the person who states them doesn't mean to be insulting but there's no way to state it without it being perceived as an insult.And yeah, a guy can be happy. Just like a guy can be happy someone he loves bought him a new hoodie and sweatpants, yet that gets ridiculed every day on this forum.
Laziness and ineptitude, mostly. All of those can be made with less effort without an electric mixer -- they just require basic skills and a modicum of reason. It's like buying a GPS because you don't know how to read a map. Actually, it might be worse.
LOL.Not trying to dog you personally, but this cracks me up. A fucking electric mixer all of a sudden empowers and inspires someone to make things readily-made with bare hands or the most basic kitchen utensils? Tell us what she makes for you a month from now.Is she Betty Crocker's daughter or something?Just the mentality that a man would be grateful his wife made him something after he spent hundreds of dollars on an unnecessary contraption is so fucked, weird, and...
Cuz of all the old people who kick it driving.
Grow up.
What about it? It's boring. The only remarkable thing about it is its length.
Careful Conne, lest ye be endeavoured to train a new young farmhand from such plowing.
And of course it comes with only the most exceptional comments: DoesntThinkTooHard Africans were the ones that SOLD Americans the slaves in the first place. They were criminals and unwanted on that continent to begin with. The NAACP needs to be disbanded and banned from any future establishment because that organization continues to breed racists. To be honest the ONLY racists I have ever met are Black people. -- DoesntThinkTooMuch This is an important statistic for...
Not as bad as when Post tried to change the Honeycomb recipe.
Must be a gift from the Monsanto lobbyists.
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