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...and that the price doesn't scale linearly with radius.
Jennifer Lawrence looking dopey/dumpy as always.
Not really, prefixes often are often intensive and intensive meanings aren't limited to certain prefixes. 'De' and 'ex' as intensives are pretty common too.The reason for words like 'inflammable and 'flammable' having the same meaning has to do with when they were brought into English and from which language (often French and Latin loanwords).What's even more odd is the so-called 'autoantonym' that occurs in English, often from using nouns as verbs: 'dust the cake' and...
You're kidding, right?
When I was young I did all the time. I have no reason to buy sets any more and all my Legos are in storage for when they're needed again, but I like to go into the Lego store whenever I'm in the mall just to check out some of the cool stuff they have. I hadn't bought anything new for decades until this past Christmas when I bought some miniatures that looked like friends and family -- personalized, fun, inexpensive and unexpected so they make nice gifts, and they can...
I'm pretty sure all the Lego stores have a huge wall of all different sizes and colors of basic bricks (at least the one near me does). They also have bins full of parts to make your own minifigure and some amazing rendering technology that allows customers to hold up a box in front of a camera and be shown a projected three-dimensional image of the built set on top of the box that rotates as the box is rotated. Really incredible stuff. Great customer service there...
You don't get it because everything written here is wrong.
Oh, sorry to interrupt. Didn't realize there were so many KitchenAid fans here.
I'll bite: maps are free. You know that, right?My pretty obvious point, anyway, was that people should probably know how to use a map.
Well, thanks for confirming what I suspected.Oh, I'm sure lots of people think I'm an asshole. It doesn't matter much to me. I don't take things very personally, especially when they're not even about me.I was definitely laughing about specifics of your post. That's why I responded to it with quotes.Apologies if she is any relation to Ms. Crocker.
New Posts  All Forums: