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Anyway, this happens with most big movies. The critics invited to the premieres surprisingly all come out with positive reviews. By the next week or so scores drop. I'm sure I'll enjoy this exactly the same as I've enjoyed DisneyMarvel's latest whatevers.
He directed arguably the worst one (3) and comes from the Jerry Bruckheimer School of Film.
i made 20 off a protestant who bet against a dubliner with a hit me chin and 0 times KO'd.
Never realized Peter O'Toole and Omar Sharif did another movie together.
Just watched PT Anderson's first movie last night -- 'Hard' Eight' -- and it was probably the best performance I've seen from her. A damn fine movie in general too.
Probably because Brad Pitt happened in Seven Days in Tibet and killed all weekday movies after Bernie killed the weekend.
Rod Serling? Conspiracy plot? How have I not seen this?
Pynchon is a shit writer who made his career by being marginally associated with Nabokov. Why would you expect anything Pynchon to be good?
He could have at least not gone to a place with no witnesses. I was honestly confused by why he didn't escape. He (and others) seemed to magically be able to do everything else, yet a simple slipaway was not a possibility.
That was all nice and tidy and pointless. What a joke.
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