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I didn't think I needed to explicitly say that my gripe isn't the desire for an ROI but rather the way they went about it.You're better than this.
If you didn't think the new Star Wars movie was focus-grouped and diversified you're either being disingenuous or blind. It's what made it unwatchable for me -- not that I can't stand women or minorities, but I couldn't get past how trite and forced it all was. It felt like a way to generate revenue from an investment, not enjoyment from creativity.
Ripeness is all. Possibly best-written scene in any English play.
How about the 2-minute touchdown non-celebration-celebrations? The boring fans? The 90's expansion team color? If you don't like Carolina even a little bit and were in Carolina the past few months you would've gone insane.
Tarantino has 10 more movies he can milk out of his shtick? Fuck.
Yet they bought Star Wars, the film series with where negroes are more rare than Jedi.
You sound a bit pessimistic.
That's a JJ problem, not a JW problem. He's an action director that can't do action scenes.
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