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My days are fine. They're even better when I get free entertainment here.
I knew the CEsspool would have some entertainment for me. Bravo.
After every episode? Uhh...
I don't hate Game of Thrones. It just has many issues. I particularly didn't like this episode.
Predictable and boring battle, shaky cam cinematography, nothing but ra! ra! good guys. Danaerys riding a dragon looked so laughable. Greyworm still lamest character ever and adds nothing. Jon ignores Sansa and does what Ramsey wants and it doesn't matter anyway. Jon looks at Sansa because of his brutality when hitting Ramsey and in the next scene he's brutally fed to dogs anyway (very much an audience-pleaser and out of character for the Starks).It was about as...
Predictably dumb.
What's with the cheesy horror movie gore and sound effects? It's always so at odds with the tone they're aiming for.
and arya learned what? how to play with sticks? dumb af
whole show terribad
Arya story arc is beyond stupid at this point.
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