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How about the 2-minute touchdown non-celebration-celebrations? The boring fans? The 90's expansion team color? If you don't like Carolina even a little bit and were in Carolina the past few months you would've gone insane.
Tarantino has 10 more movies he can milk out of his shtick? Fuck.
Yet they bought Star Wars, the film series with where negroes are more rare than Jedi.
You sound a bit pessimistic.
That's a JJ problem, not a JW problem. He's an action director that can't do action scenes.
Anyway, this happens with most big movies. The critics invited to the premieres surprisingly all come out with positive reviews. By the next week or so scores drop. I'm sure I'll enjoy this exactly the same as I've enjoyed DisneyMarvel's latest whatevers.
He directed arguably the worst one (3) and comes from the Jerry Bruckheimer School of Film.
i made 20 off a protestant who bet against a dubliner with a hit me chin and 0 times KO'd.
New Posts  All Forums: