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Amaro Montengro is nice.
Just wear a belt. They're probably the optimal size. Tighter weave, heavier denim in my experience won't stretch as much and isn't all that comfortable to wear when it's tight (nor does it look good).
HB and Piobaire are the same to CE as the strippers that took over MySpace. It's now a manufactured rage forum populated by prefab personalities. There's no point to posting there because the responses are going to be exactly the same as predicted and utterly useless.
Gotta do it: Was is a marroquian!?
Nothing will because everything he said was bullshit.If you have lactic acid in your system hours after it's produced you have a severe disorder. I don't even know of any diseases that could possibly cause such things to happen without imminent death.
I'm not some crazy person. I'm probably more well-adjusted than most of SF (not saying much, I realize).
Not really the problem, though. I just can't tell the difference between some genuine hate and genial humor.
I love some Fleetwood Mac.
Ian McKellan is gay.
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