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I'm Sir F now leaving SF. Emptym will now bann all accounts. Was good while it lasted, not everything was a lie but most of the outfits for a better respond and get a good start at SF, no point that it.   It was fun beeing here, cheers.  
Going for something like this today
double post. delete.
Looks like Belstaff.
Yeah, simple, OK wine. Pretty cheap too like $15 for a bottle something like that?
Thanks alot, no it's a MTM suit and I can choose by fabrics. But I will skip the website and go with a Corneliani or something that is 100 % wool it's worth the money I think.
Figured that, thanks. Then 55 % cashmerewool, 45 % polyester must be shit aswell?
Is 35 % wool, 65 % viscosa, 120's suit good quality?
Ok :( You have nice stuff! 
Malford, you will get other models on panamahats? 
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