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Dear 177itch,Love your modding of the tote. Could you please post some better and more detailed pictures?I do like the idea that you used the attachment points of your old small duffle. Any idea how to do something similar without cutting a duffle apart?Thx flo
Filson in Dubai.     Hi there, I am currenty an couple days working in Dubai.   Does anybody know if I can get Filson Stuff here? If yes, where?   Thanks a lot   Flo
 How cool is that.   A Jeep and Filson collaboration ....       
Hi there everybody,     it´s now the second time I saw this special filson twill bag:   I still cant find it on the filson site.   Any on any idea about this bag?   Thanks flo
Hi there,     I found a really interesting Filson Bag on   Unfortunately I think the guy mixed up some pictures ...   But check it out yourself ...   I am talking about the first picture, it looks like some kind of suitcase style bag. Maybe a fake Filson or something very new...
Hi there, I just found this site: Is it possible that Filson sold a licence to italy, like Woolrich and other Brands did before ....? Anybody out there who knows more about Filson Italy? Merci flo
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