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My friend is going to Thailand and has offered to carry some fabric/buttons there for me, enough to make 5 dress shirts for work.  Unfortunately, my friend does not know very much about clothes.  I am worried that whatever tailor he chooses will cut corners and waste the expensive fabric.     Therefore, I am looking for a tailor who is skilled and trustworthy, and who can copy the shirt exactly.  For example, I want to make sure that the tailor copies the collar...
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addendum: They are offering $150 for $75 as a promotion . . . 
FYI—Ledbury is offering $50 off, in case you wanted to try them out.  They are really great shirts that feel super-luxurious. Use this referral link:
FYI: Ledbury is offering $50 off right now.  I own a few shirts by them, and I love them.  However, get slim fit, not regular (regular would only fit fat people).  Best, -Daniel   Use this link to get the $50 off
I have been singing Proper Cloth's praises. I am very satisfied with their product, though it is not really "bespoke" so much as it is "made-to-measure." (technicalities, I say!)   Use this link to get a 1 time discount if you want to try them out:
I would agree with you, only both of those are in NYC.
I just bought my first test shirt with Proper Cloth. It bunched up around the neck slightly. I took it in to get re-measured, now it's aces. I think I will definitely buy more. Good selection of fabrics from all over. Endless possibilities . . .   Here is my referral link in case anyone else wants to give them a try: I think it gives a $30 discount, but don't quote me on that.    Best
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