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Hmm, the armhole isn't too deep vertically. If anything else, I think might even be too small. It's almost cutting into my armpit. Unfortunately, I don't know what a proper fit should feel like, so I don't know if it's too small or not.
Thanks for your response. Just to clarify, when you say the armholes are too deep, do you mean that they are too far back and should be moved closer to the chest?
Why do you want to see a picture without a scarf underneath? The scarf isn't very thick. There's also a jacket underneath, but sometimes I wear the coat just over a shirt.
Hi everyone,   I need help deciding if this jacket is too tight in arms for me. It looks great when I'm standing straight, but if I extend my arms even the slightest, numerous folds form. Is this expected or is the jacket too tight? Driving gets a little uncomfortable with my arms extended, and as you can see from the "standing straight" photo, the creases are starting to form where the folds were even when my arms are down. What are your thoughts?          
Hi, I had a custom coat made recently and I'd like to hear some opinions. I'm concerned about the fold that forms above and under the buttons. The logical answer is to move the buttons so it's as tight around the waist area, but it doesn't feel tight. It fits perfectly, but has these folds which I'm not very happy about. What alterations would you recommend or would you keep it as is?        
Thanks everyone! I'll give SK Cleaners and London Tailor a try. Rompson, I don't know any tailors in DC either. Montgomery County is where I live, so I started my search here :)
I was wondering if anyone can recommend a good tailor in Montgomery County, MD. I'm looking for someone who can take a look at my existing off-the-rack wardrobe and recommend alterations to make it a perfect fit. Thank you :)
Version 2 is free. You just send it back and point out what needs to be changed.  
Hi, I finally got my very first custom tailored shirt from Propercloth.com. I really love the material, but the shirt looks awkward on me. The collar is a bit too tight, yoke looks wavy, and it might be a bit too small in the shoulders when I button up the collar. On pictures, it looks like it's a bit loose in the mid-section, but in reality it hugs my stomach pretty close. I can take the shirt off without unbuttoning the cuffs. Is this normal? Since I have...
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New Posts  All Forums: