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No, they're not too short.
These are Allen Edmonds. Should I consider this a defect and try to return them or is this expected?
  Is the crease on the right shoe's cap toe normal? The shoes are 1-2 months old. I usually see shoes crease past the cap toe, but not on the cap toe itself.
 Thanks for your feedback everyone. I'm going to return the shoes.
Hm, they're completely new, straight out of the box. I suppose it's no big deal if these would form eventually anyway.
My brand new AE came in today and one shoe has this odd crease. Does this look like a defect or will a crease like this form naturally anyway?  
 Thanks for the words of encouragement and inspirational photos :) I definitely spent more than one hour on one shoe, but I've read that first time shine usually takes longer. Plus, I'm sure I still have a lot of work to do on my technique. One thing I'm not sure about is whether I should let it rest in between the polishes. Let's say I do a dab of polish and a drop of water and polish for 2-3 min with adding more water once or twice. Should I continue with more polish...
Thanks, I'll keep polishing with less wax. Beautiful photos! :)
Thanks, benhour. My room temperature is around 27C. I'll give your method a try, but it's not radically different from what I've been doing. The difference is that every guide I've seen says to use the tiniest amount of polish and you're recommending a "generous" amount :)   Update: tried benhour's approach:   77F = 25C   Generous amount of wax   Polished for at least 40-50 minutes while watching TV with some addition of water/polish every now and then. I think...
Hi everyone, I'm having trouble getting that perfect mirror shine on my new AE shoes and I'm seeking your advice.   Supplies: Saphir Medaille D'or 1925 Pate De Luxe Black 50ml Wax Shoe Polish Cotton polishing cloth Allen Edmonds Strand shoes, black   Technique: Tiny dab of polish on cotton cloth, tiny drop of spit, gentle circular motion on the toe cap for about 30 seconds. Then I breathe on the toe cap to form condensation and proceed with polishing. After ~3 min...
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