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Concur with Gordon, solid work
I did. Posted 8 pix, first post went through then got notice that the others need to be reviewed by webmaster before release, so hopefully soon
one final pic, quality not the greatest.
couple more pics sorry for th equality trying to take them at work.......
He can do Scabel also, though he has a better deal with Dormeuil.  I got the Amadeus that was just released which i think has a good hand to it.   Here are some pics, if anyone wants any particular shot or angle let me know.
GBR, You certainly have a right to do anything you want on a public web board.  And you can certainly "judge" whether my opinion is the same as yours.  Certainly, if you had any dealings with the tailor them be all means post it.  However, you do not have the right on a public web board to call someone a liar and demean my personal integrity for why i posted it.   I have made no judgements on any of your posts, though obviously others have.  I simply called you out...
Agreed, I just put RL Purple there as an example of other suits.  Certainly on the truely bespoke side i have a few suits from Len Logsdail and a Henry Poole (while in London) that i mentioned before as well as a few I did not mention as examples (my fav is a Corvato made some time ago).
I will take some pics and post them
GBR, I don't think I ever had the pleasure of meeting you! Very presumptuous for you to assume that I am the tailor or for that matter even associated with the tailor. And you know what happens when you assume! Well I am associated with the tailor- I bought a suit from him. Other than that I work for an investment company, which at times may have bought publicly traded apparel companies. Beside that I have no more connection to this tailor than you have to social...
so lets put this through first, yes this is my first post and no i am not affiliated with any tailor in any fashion.  (obviously I have been a frequent reader of the site).   Just got my suit from Rudolf Popradi and want to give thoughts since I think it is so damn nice.   I have lots of bespoke suits before from the usual names such as RL Purple, BB custom, Richards of Greenwich, Len, and several of the off the racks (Barneys - I like Uman, Isaia is one of my...
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