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Here you go:   Mark Bell's a pretty awesome dude and he squats over 1000 pounds equipped.
I used to have terrible acne scars. A dermatologist recommended using Tretinoin-A to increase skin turnover and a cleanser called Praxion.  It works slowly, but my skin has gotten much better in the 7 months that I've been using both.  I use the Praxion maybe twice per week and the Tretinoin 3 times per week. 
In a deadlift, I try to keep my hips up high maybe in a quarter squat position and keep my weight behind the bar.  It should feel like you're pulling back and not up.  When locking out, I like to throw my chin back.  There should already be a lot of tension in your legs before the bar moves from the bottom position.  Check out Louie Simmons deadlift vids on YouTube.  He is god of all things powerlifting.  Look at the form of lifters like Andy Bolton, Ed Coan, Konstantin...
Hello, I'm Dan from Boston.  
Hello, I'm 24 yr old guy working in IT consulting.  I'm into powerlifting, drums, guitar and metal music.  I'm on here looking for style advice because my style sucks. 
Newbie here. I'm a runner turned powerlifter.  If you maintain a clean diet (CLEAN, but lots of calories), you won't gain much fat and build a lot of strength and lean mass.   6 yrs ago, I weighed 225 at 5'5", VERY obese.  I started running and cut down to 150 in a few years time.  I started powerlifting and I'm at 170 now. I'm on a Westside Barbell-type of regimen, but here's basically what I do.    1. Figure out 1 rep max on the following exercises: squat (wide...
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