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great piece but I'm thinking of buying some other things.  Price is a firm $500 as I'm not in a rush to sell, the jacket is still in great condition apart from some minor stretching in the elbows and a small nick behind the left shoulder. Item ships from Australia, message me for a quote, prepared to foot shipping if buyer is Australian. Measurements shoulders 17.2" chest (pit-to-pit) 19.5" midsection 17.5" waist 17.8" body length, front 21.0" body length, back...
Whipping out the baseball for Spring
The idea of globe trotting with a mate exploring ancient wonders has me seriously reconsidering career paths, great write up as always.
A lot of strong dr fits recently, here's my contribution. TOJ/Schneider/Acnex2 [[SPOILER]]
By chance I walked past sneakerboy after seeing the posters around Melbourne, expecting to see some hypebeast-esque store full of crappy adidas models. First thing I saw were the pony hair Geobaskets and the KVA multilaces, let out an audible "What the fuck?" just as I caught the SA's eye. Was too awkward to go in after that, especially since I was wearing a suit for work, and I strolled off sheepishly.
Selling these because I have like 3 pairs of white hitops and don't wear them enough to justify keeping them. Size 41, would fit 41-42 (for reference I wear an eu41 in most shoes). There's a small scuff on one of the shoes which I've included a photo of, and the soles aren't completely clean, but I'm sure you could take a magic eraser to it if you wanted them looking boxfresh. Not inclusive of shipping if you're outside of Australia, comes with dustbag and an extra set...
Schneider keeping me warm while Melbourne freezes over
Pretty much what I've worn every day for weeks.
This the place on Clarendon St?
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