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Do you guys experience this problem much? Think it might be more of a problem for slightly shorter males. I'm 6"3 so my ties tend to get a little short.
I actually spend about 30 bucks shortening my sleeves. You'd want to ensure they have good workmanship though. I ever had buttons reattached to my jacket and it was askew. Caused a lot of pulling.
Don't have much xp with bespoke. Am used to Brooks Brothers's MTM program, but I figured it's time to take the plunge. Just joined because I'm quite set at trying out bespoke and this seems to be the most current review of WW Chan. Different threads seem to provide somewhat contradicting notes on how many fittings are offered, and where they're held.   I'd need more guidance from the tailor than most since it's my 1st commission, so I'm concerned about whether I'll...
Tom from NY. Working with Bloomberg.
Hi everybody, I'm a first time poster.   Seems tt WW Chan will be traveling to NY -   Thinking of commissioning stuff with them, and am hoping for more clarification on their operation. It's somewhat confusing -- do they not offer fittings on tour?   Also very concerned after reading the posts, and seeing the pictures of their work on this thread. Am actually rethinking my options and wondering if I should go with a local...
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