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Any chance you could post some measurements? I often fall between small and medium in EG.
Such a great piece. I just tried on the last one at Nepenthes last night so I know the small won't work for me.
Is HR no more? Looks like nothing new since FW12.
As a fan of the books (comics?) I've enjoyed most of the first three seasons. This new season however, I think the show is pretty terrible. The characters have started making illogical choices that are not consistent with three seasons of character development. We are suddenly asked to accept spectacular coincidences, lazy telegraphing and horror movie cliches in place of what was previously some solid writing.
I own two pairs these days. A pair from Nudie and a custom pair I had made from a heavy Japanese selvedge. I think I may have worn jeans one day last spring. I get much more use out of EG painters trousers, or a pair of Needles combats; those have phased out jeans for me over the past five or six years.
Hi, PM sent. 
I have a new, never worn, Nanamica field jacket that I bought at Bureau. It is a medium, green ripstop cotton and lined in gore-tex. I tried it on, decided it fit and removed the tags; but I've never worn it. I paid close to $1000 for it and my asking price here includes shipping (continental US). I've included a picture I found online, but it's the same jacket. Attached also is the size chart from OiPolloi's nanamica page. Thank you.
Heh, no, sorry. I've a Nanamica jacket I told the OP about via PM. Only visvim I own is a pair of skagways.
Hi, I PM'd you but I wonder if my post-count is so low that it never reached you. No harm done if you're just not interested in the jacket I offered.
I've been wearing my cotton versions of the CPO shirts as Spring and Autumn jackets / overshirts for a couple of seasons now. The black in particular seems to be heavy enough to carry this off nicely. I really like the look of this year's CPO in wool. Another trip to Nepenthes might be in order soon. 
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