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Posts by DustyDust   Nice addition.  I'm still a fan of the Rusts.  Also, at what point will more sellers begin to stock smaller sizes?  As we know, these boots run big (I'm a 6.5). Even if I wanted this pair, the smaller available at Need Supply is 8!
For reference, I am a 7.5D on Brannock.  The perfect fit in the Wolverine 1K is 6.5.  I had a size 7, but it was clearly too big for me.  Length was the issue.
Yes!  They do make a 6.5.  Check the Wolverine website.  They currently have them in black and brown.  Everybody (several stores) told me they did not make them in 6.5.  However, I called Wolverine, they do, they are on my feet now.   I initially ordered a 7.  But they were too long.
I have used this thread for information before buying 1K boots.  I'd like to share my experience as to help those who intend to purchase these boots.   My Brannock measurement is 7.5D   7D Allen Edmonds "Clifton" 7E Red Wings Wabasha "Chukka" 7 Sperry Top Siders 7.5 - 8 Sneakers (New Balance / Nike) 8 Hunter rain boots   Long story short, the Wolverine 1K boots fit nicely at size 6.5D   I wanted the Rust color, but settled on Brown as I was...
yes they do
Allen Edmonds Clifton Size 7D:  super clean, super here  
Band of Outsiders:  This is Not a Polo Shirt.  click here for eBay listing  
Question:  has anyone used the printable Allen Edmonds Shoe Fit Guide that is provided on their website?   My width is on the line between W6 and W7, this puts me right on the line between D and E based on my corresponding length.     Anybody else have experience being right on the line in width.  Did you choose D or E?  How did it work out?   Much thanks
Thank you.     I recently bought a used pair of Sanfords online size 6.5D.  They actually feel very nice.  As mentioned before, I have flat feet.  And by flat feet I mean ZERO arch.  It just so happens that is where I feel a bit of discomfort in the Sanford (in the arch that is).  I'm wondering if sizing up to the E width will help this without compromising the fit around other parts of the shoe.   Any (more) thoughts?
Question:  Can anyone provide feedback on their experience with the Sanford?  Specifically fit.  It is made on the 7 last.  Does it seem narrow, wide, or true to width?  I don't have wide but I do have flat feet, which makes them "feel" wide in some shoes.     Any thoughts??
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