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I have a similar pair of Bed Stu shoes that I purchased last year from UO and dress similar to how you describe your own preferences. I wouldn't recommend those. The uppers are thin and flimsy, look plastic or synthetic and are pretty slick, and because of that I don't wear them often. The soles are also really thin and the rubber on the heels wear quickly. Definitely not what I expected.
Thanks mekato1 for the confirmation. Now decisions, decisions. I was actually thinking about picking up a pair of either the AE Park Avenues of Fifth Avenues tomorrow at a local shop during their Father's Day sale. They would be $268 total and they throw in a free pair of cedar AE shoe trees. I've heard the same can be had during the anniversary sale for $209. Worth waiting or are quantities and sizes limited during the sale?
So I'm planning on buying a nice pair of AE Park Avenues of Fifth Avenues while shopping tomorrow. In addition, I was looking to maybe add one of these to my casual wardrobe. Suggestions?     And...
And is the July sale also online? No AE stores anywhere near me.
New here and looking to learn the basics of style and get some input on defining my own personal style while building a respectable and tasteful wardrobe. I'm a 32 year old professional from Kentucky who works in a casual environment and often feels too dressed up even in a tie, much less tailored clothes and a jacket. (Environment more than personal comfort and preference.)   I like learning about fabrics and classic approaches to manners, dress, and shaving....
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