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What shade of charcoal suit, light or dark? I'd probably go for a blue tie because if your skin tone is reddish anyway, you'll be a raspberry. BTW forget the fashion, collar spread and all that bumf, you need to be ultra formal. You're a lawyer not a footballer's agent.
  Horrendous! It looks like they've been watching The Dawn Patrol, Blue Max or The Hindenburg or something. Some of the branded massed produced stuff is not too bad, but at the end of the day you're being dictated to with what to wear and I don't like that. I feel I should wear what i want to wear and not what someone says i should wear i.e. fashion.
I have the same problem, but mine close slightly more. I prefer derby lacing because it's not as obvious
http://www.brooksbrothers.com/madmen/madmen.tem  You just wouldn't would? Nearly Mod, but so far away. Pants
sounds a bit like the Kent tie knot http://www.tie-knots.org/how-to-tie-a-kent-necktie-knot.html
Don't forget to mention the Queen comes around for cucumber sandwiches and tea every Sunday afternoon .... better go, there's a knock at the door
Watch straps come in mm sizes, for example mine is 18mm. Sometimes watches that have a metal strap just don't look right with a leather one. It's all to do with the pin mountings, metal strapped watches tend to have beefier pin mountings and might look strange so it'll be trial and error I'm afraid. Where I live, cobblers tend to sell watch straps, worth a try?
The tie width usually depends on the width of the lapels. You wouldn't wear a skinny tie with the 70s lapel wings would you?
The Perfectly Dressed Gentleman by Robert O'Byrne. Written with humour but offers practical advice on dressing for everyday and specific occasions and describes how clothes should fit.
yep, it's one more than 3
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