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sounds a bit like the Kent tie knot http://www.tie-knots.org/how-to-tie-a-kent-necktie-knot.html
Don't forget to mention the Queen comes around for cucumber sandwiches and tea every Sunday afternoon .... better go, there's a knock at the door
Watch straps come in mm sizes, for example mine is 18mm. Sometimes watches that have a metal strap just don't look right with a leather one. It's all to do with the pin mountings, metal strapped watches tend to have beefier pin mountings and might look strange so it'll be trial and error I'm afraid. Where I live, cobblers tend to sell watch straps, worth a try?
The tie width usually depends on the width of the lapels. You wouldn't wear a skinny tie with the 70s lapel wings would you?
The Perfectly Dressed Gentleman by Robert O'Byrne. Written with humour but offers practical advice on dressing for everyday and specific occasions and describes how clothes should fit.
yep, it's one more than 3
All my suits are now 3 or 4 buttons. Generally I'll just have the middle button fastened. If it's cold, I'll do from the middle to the top. If I'm going for an interview or some other formal occasion I'll make the cardinal sin of fastening them all.
 Yep rushing into buying clothes without thinking. Everything I buy is a dilemma. I always think about what I'm buying, does it fit my style, colours, what's the fit like, what's the cut like, does it complement my wardrobe, is it a heavy cloth for winter, what kind of imagine am I going for etc.
Yeah something like that. Most high-end brands are off the peg suits/clothes and the chances are they're not going to fit correctly. You can see a local tailor, tell him what you want and get want you want for much less than buying a top branded suit.*  That way you are not dictated to by clothing manufacturers and you get freedom of choice. With a big brand all you're paying for really in the name; it doesn't mean to say it's a good suit.     * I say that because I've...
Check out DNA Groove, they have a couple of sales agents in the UK and they'll despatch clothes from Italy. They make stuff in relatively small sizes and all their stuff are always limited editions so you'll not look like everyone else. This is their size chart http://www.dnagroove.it/en/size-chart.html To view their stock click the "Back to navigation" link top right.
New Posts  All Forums: