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Looks like they've been following YSL and gone down The Dawn Patrol, Zeppelin route. Thank good I don't do fashion and don't follow the need to be like everyone else.
I think blazers all look better short in the arms and the jacket length, but not a bum freezer. I'm not a fan of shiny metal buttons, but that's just me. I'd probably go with black buttons, dark green/brown or white if I feel more avant garde.
Why not have a once step put in them? i.e. longer at the back than the front, usually turned up on the side streams. I have a few pairs of trousers like this.It's great to annoy other people with and besides, you don't want to be like everyone else do you?
It's all front
It's not too bad for a peg suit IMO. I like the sleeve length and the length of the jacket. Maybe it's a bit baggy around the waist but that can't be sorted quick, unless you happen to be a tailor. Maybe the trousers are a little too long for the width of the trouser bottoms but you don't want ankle swingers either.
  I got it for my 13th birthday in 1979. I've just run a rule over it and the dial is in the region of 30mm but because the watch has a dome crystal it's difficult to measure. It might be 36mm from edge of casing to the other edge. It has more sentimental value than anything, so I pot a new strap on it.
  Charcoal is a neutral colour and comes in various shades. The only charcoal suit that I have is mid grey. With charcoal I'd go for blues, greens and blacks and purple*. I'd save the rusts, reds and browns for an olive suit, if you have one.  But of course it's just my opinion, though I've been dressing like this (paying attention to clothes) since 1980.   *Purple is probably one of the most versatile colours around and goes with most colours.
Quite a few of my friends wear cravats but it's generally in winter and typically in paisley design.
I found my old Timex Watch the other day. Dad bought it for me in 1979 and I mislaid it for 30 years, totally forgot about it. Anyway, I found it the other week, wound it up and it still works and keeps remarkable time. You can say what you want about Timex watches but they're cheap and just keep going.  
You'll end up looking like your Mrs or Mum has bought clothes for you
New Posts  All Forums: