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I thought Zegna made cloth in Italy from raw materials brought in from allover the world. The cloth is then exported to clients throughtout the world who make clothese out of it, but they do make their own.
Go for the one with the better fit. IMO the better fit can overcome colour and style. Don't be avant garde with the choice of tie for an interview, navy or black should do.
I picked an orange 2inch woollen up in a secondhand shop  for 99p. Looks good with an olive suit and pale yellow shirt
Like it, the simpler the better
  Gong! Got that LP, well most of them to be exact. Nothing quite like a bit of Psychadelic Jazz to annoy people with. Angel's Egg rocks
Looks like they've been following YSL and gone down The Dawn Patrol, Zeppelin route. Thank good I don't do fashion and don't follow the need to be like everyone else.
I think blazers all look better short in the arms and the jacket length, but not a bum freezer. I'm not a fan of shiny metal buttons, but that's just me. I'd probably go with black buttons, dark green/brown or white if I feel more avant garde.
Why not have a once step put in them? i.e. longer at the back than the front, usually turned up on the side streams. I have a few pairs of trousers like this.It's great to annoy other people with and besides, you don't want to be like everyone else do you?
It's all front
It's not too bad for a peg suit IMO. I like the sleeve length and the length of the jacket. Maybe it's a bit baggy around the waist but that can't be sorted quick, unless you happen to be a tailor. Maybe the trousers are a little too long for the width of the trouser bottoms but you don't want ankle swingers either.
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