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These are limited edition design 2.2 inch silk ties. No solid colours unfortunately, solid colours are more difficult to partner with pocket squares.   http://www.dnagroove.it/en/prodotti.php?idcat=3&cat=man
This looks good but not my style though, love the cloth. I'd go for a 3 button version, the top lutton just below the breast pocket and 2.5 inch lapels. Don't like external turn-ups but he carries the look well.
I'd say Loakes, I've got a about 6 pairs at the moment. They are a stylish mid range brand which fit and wear well. They range from about £100 to £200 maybe more that's about $150-300 US.
You need a plain burgundy tie I think
I'd go for a pale blue shirt in solid colour, white chinos and buff desert boots and maybe a navy square with white dots
I thought Zegna made cloth in Italy from raw materials brought in from allover the world. The cloth is then exported to clients throughtout the world who make clothese out of it, but they do make their own. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ermenegildo_Zegna
Go for the one with the better fit. IMO the better fit can overcome colour and style. Don't be avant garde with the choice of tie for an interview, navy or black should do.
I picked an orange 2inch woollen up in a secondhand shop  for 99p. Looks good with an olive suit and pale yellow shirt
Like it, the simpler the better
  Gong! Got that LP, well most of them to be exact. Nothing quite like a bit of Psychadelic Jazz to annoy people with. Angel's Egg rocks
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