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Beige? Stop inventing colours
It depends what you want to wear the boots with really.  I've been buying Loakes for a good few years. I like the Bedale full brogue boot.
My boss doesn't know his butt from his elbow when it comes to dressing. Wearing trousers and shoes is classed as dressing up for him so I'll stick to what I know and let other people worrying about it.
Bugger all this season nonsense, what do you want the suit for, work or looking flash?
Not bad, I've certainly seen worse fitting suits. There's a little too much break in the legs for my liking, I prefer my trousers to hang straighter, especially if the cloth is lightweight. I know it's a two button suit, but the lapels look a little too broad for a skinny suit, especially in relation to the fit of the trousers. If it was my skinny suit I'd shorten the jecket length by 1 - 1.5 inch so that it hangs barely to the crotch, though could be be how you are...
These are limited edition design 2.2 inch silk ties. No solid colours unfortunately, solid colours are more difficult to partner with pocket squares.
This looks good but not my style though, love the cloth. I'd go for a 3 button version, the top lutton just below the breast pocket and 2.5 inch lapels. Don't like external turn-ups but he carries the look well.
I'd say Loakes, I've got a about 6 pairs at the moment. They are a stylish mid range brand which fit and wear well. They range from about £100 to £200 maybe more that's about $150-300 US.
You need a plain burgundy tie I think
I'd go for a pale blue shirt in solid colour, white chinos and buff desert boots and maybe a navy square with white dots
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