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Can look good if you get the colours right, the puffed-up versions look better without a tie
I like this bronze colour  
  Yeah they do look a bit low set, I always feel the top button should be just about level with the breast pocket. The horizontal gap between the buttons buttons should be about 4.5 inches. Not sure about the peaked lapels though, people might mistake you for Norman Wisdom.
Not to worry, help is at hand. Whatever you want to do, the choice is up to you. The biggest piece of advice I could give you is not to rush out and buy everything all at once. Putting clothes together takes time and experience, it's not something you rush. Keep checking back on these forums, other Internet pages, magazines, TV, people in the street and see what they're wearing. Look at the cut of their clothes, look at their colour matching, look at the textures of...
White Roll neck sweater (close knit) Light/mid blue v neck cardigan (no pockets) Grey/blue PoW check sta prest Desert boots
The forum caters for everyone - We all have different preferences and opinions.
Why can't people call them what they are i.e. brogues and not wing tips
Don't have any pictures but I recently bought a lightweight v-neck, 3 buttons, cardigan in royal blue with white piping. It looks great with a white polo neck jumper white/cream sta prest trousers, or even PofW checks and desert/chukka boots.
It depends on what you have really. for me it would be one of two things.   White shirt with large lined checks in blue. Navy trousers Oxblood brogues   Or   Dark blue shirt Off white trousers Honey brougues or desert boots.   I'd just play with it to see what you can come up with.   Why not head on over to and check the "What is Claudio wearing" videos? I think he puts to gether a jacket of simalar colours in one of...
  No they don't, the sleeve length is ok it's the shirt sleeves which are too long. If anything I'd shorted the jacket by 1" or 1.5" maybe have it waisted a little at the side seems to get a better fit.
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