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I have no jacket with lapels wider than 2.5" but whether something is fashionable or not doesn't worry me in the slightest. You can wear whatever you want provided you get the look right e.g. You wouldn't wear narrow lapels with flared trousers, well you could but you'd just look daft. Getting the balance right is an artform in itself.
If you pay that much, when you can have one tailored for much less, you're just paying for the name and Burberry is not a name I'd pay for.
If you like those style of boots, I wouldn't wear formal wear with them. Stick to jeans and chinos maybe with polo shirts, T or long sleeve (button down)
DNA groove for Italian styled suits. These are generally one-offs so they chances are you'll never get two the same. They don't do 2 button jackets but you can get a 3/2 role occasionally. http://www.dnagroove.it/en/prodotti.php?idcat=9&cat=man. These are well made for the money you spend.
I just googled the EG Galway boot to see what you're talking about. They look ok, but I'm not keen on dimpled leather myself. Personally I think Dr Martens take some beating on style, comfort and wear. A lot of people don't like Dr Martens but they are reasonably cheap and look good with almost everything. 
    It looks a little tight on the arms are legs to me, the sleeves especially just seem to ride up and hang there. Maybe the jecket leght is a little short too, but where I live the fashion is towards the sort at the momement.
I have one in a 1980s cut. I bought it used from a charity shop for a 1980s themed fancy dress party. I wore it with a round neck T shirt, sun glasses and rolled the sleeves up. I went has Sonny Crockett
Have some Dents with a wrist stud, wait .....   EDIT  
Can look good if you get the colours right, the puffed-up versions look better without a tie
I like this bronze colour  
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