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 Maybe get the jacket waisted by taking it in at the side seams. Not sure I'd alter the shoulder width though because that's more tricky to do but mybe waisting the jacket can change the appearance of the shoulders. Talk to the tailor and see what he says.
I appreciate the OP's post and a lot of people ask similar questions. I'm afraid if you ask ten people you'll get ten different answers. So I'm going to say whatever you want it's your choice, put it down to trial and error. What I would say is have a look at a few websites about matching clothes i.e. stile (cut) and colour. Make sure your colours work well together and don't mix styles/eras of clothing.
Looking through the pics I would say most of the clobber is male influenced by not male clothes. You can generally tell by the cut of the clothes because womens' clothes are much more shapely whereas mens' clothes tend to be a bit more squarish. I have female friends that often wear mens' clothes (suits) and they look slightly different than those in the photos.
I had a TM lewin John Francomb pin through collar shirt that I loved. Infortunately my stomach didn't like it and I ripped the button hole leaning forward to tie my shoelaces ... gutted!
It depend on the spread of the collar and the thickness (chunky) of the tie
Not sure to be honest, perhaps the trousers are just a bit roomy in the seat?  Maybe the turn-ups are a bit long and stiff and the only place the trouser fold naturally is below the seat?  It may even be the type of cloth used, some just fold or hold straight better than others. It's difficult to tell without handling them. Nice suit BTW. I should also point out that with all the suits I've had made I've never been 100% satisfied although I have come close. I think it's...
Being a Mod I where suits everywhere except work. Most of them are made to measure or full on tailored suits, about 10 in all.
Like the patern and colour of the jacket Citan
My own personal opinion is that trousers should not roll over the shoes when stood up. The narrower the trouser bottom the shorter the trousers length will be due to the shape of the upper foot. I never wear trousers wider than 17 inches at the bottom and I like to show off my shoes so I wear my trousers short. I quite often have my trousers stepped about one inch. i.e. shorter at the front than at the back, the step adjusted vertically at the side seams. I'm quite sure...
Quite. You can't have a shirt fitted online; you can give them your measurements and all that but the chances are you're probably going to be disappointed with the fit when it arrives. If you're going to have anything tailored, do it person.  That way you can discuss adjustments and physically show what you want, it's much easier than to try and desribe things over the phone or by email.
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