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Hi   I live in Richmond, which is not as nice as it used to be.
I've been thinking about commissioning a tweed in these sort of colours and style but with 2.25" lapels, button down flap pockets including the breast pocket (covered buttons) and side vents. I would straighten off the front opening at the bottom too so it holds together better.  
Probably about 2 or 2.5 metres
If you want fashion that would be a baseball cap, T shirt, crappy trainers and wearing jeans around your knees. Make it smart and make it different from other people.
The three things I would consider are the colours, type of cloth and pattern. I suppose you could add cut to that too but think about how much waistcoat will be on show. I like to be a bit avant garde and go for contrast but do with whatever you feel comfotable with. Just try stuff out.
The rather Saintly sartorial look     The kids are alright - The High Number's non satorial look  
You sure it wasn't a camel Cromby or a rain coat? The only frock coats I've seen are on Goths and Teds.
I've been thinking about shoes over the last few days and most of the shoes I have seem to be Loakes. Stylish mid range shoes which look and feel good and although you should look after them, it's not the end of the world if they get scuffed. They start about £100 or about $150. You can buy more expensive shoes and you can certainly but cheaper brands but Loakes offer value for money every time IMO.
 Maybe get the jacket waisted by taking it in at the side seams. Not sure I'd alter the shoulder width though because that's more tricky to do but mybe waisting the jacket can change the appearance of the shoulders. Talk to the tailor and see what he says.
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