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3 inch
Dave Preston shoes for me, just about every rock star ever has/had a pair
Subjective but I'd go monk straps for flannels and cords, but you've got to wear your trews with no break
Peckham Rye, just off Carnaby Street. Adam of London (Shener) Notting Hill also does good quality peg suit, which I think they'll MTM. Might be quicker than going full bespoke 
Can't provide a picture because I'm at work, but wearing a close-knit dark brown V neck, brown, white, grey, black button down short. Tan jumbo cords and loakes sunburst/burnised derby laced shoes 3 eyelet shoes (obsolete model - had them 20 years and still going strong). DAKS 3 button sports coat, tan, green, brown, yellow and red
Never had a full cashmere suit, I would imagine they would go like flannel after a bit and not hold shape. Most of the clique I hang with wear mohair blends
Around 8, seconded by blue at around 6. These are not counting patterned shirts. For me, it's difficult to beat the universal white shirt which always looks crisp and smart. I would also argue they are not boring when you apply them correctly
I wonuldn't associate London with the English anyway. London is a highly cosmopolitan city with many races and cultures. I'm English and being a mod of sorts, have learned how to put clothes together and how to steer clear of fashion. It's unfair to judge everyone the same
DNA Groove Really nice shirts in limited numbers. You may have to check where he will export to and please check the size chart as they are made in European sizes
Try Dave Preston Shoes of London, he sells to the famous at a reasonable price     Interview with DP at
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