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I wonuldn't associate London with the English anyway. London is a highly cosmopolitan city with many races and cultures. I'm English and being a mod of sorts, have learned how to put clothes together and how to steer clear of fashion. It's unfair to judge everyone the same
DNA Groove  http://www.dnagroove.it/en/prodotti.php?idcat=2&cat=man. Really nice shirts in limited numbers. You may have to check where he will export to and please check the size chart as they are made in European sizes
Try Dave Preston Shoes of London, he sells to the famous at a reasonable price     Interview with DP at http://www.retrosellers.com/features528.htm
I'm not really a fan of large face watches, they tend to be a bit too gimicky for my liking but I have seen one or two decent designs
 Like the first pic. Not my choice but it goes together well. The second pic. I'd go with a navy blazer or brown cord jacket.  I think you'll need a fedora and a violin case.  Just kidding.  Looks good, but if it was me I'd go with a 3 button jacket (not a fan of 2 buttons) although it does look well, and probably go with a gold and navy paisley pocket square
 I find they dry with a whitish residue on them. Looking for a hard neutral polish myself.Currently wearing a pair of old pattern Loakes no longer available to buy. Must be 20 years old at least and still in good nick
I have around 6 pairs of Loakes ranging from their brand of desert boots to their Rome moccasins and some discontinued lines. They're excellent value mid range shoes which will last years
You'll need light colours. A pale blue button-down shirt, white, cream or light grey trousers. If I wear different coloured jacket and trousers without a tie, I'd go for a puff-folded pocket square
Loafers look good but you've got to know how to wear them ... and I'm not talking about just pulling them on your feet
 I agree with you 100%, it's always gotta be a tie for me and the higher the opening gorge on the jacket, the better IMO. A lot of my mates wear DB suits but it's more of a winter thing; they don't look right open. Quite a few mates are going do the path of having a jacket only made and wearing them with complementary trousers, shirt and tie. Looks great if you can carry it off, sadly I don't have the figure to carry it off these days
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