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Recent finds available Paul Smith made in Italy TM Lewin Barbour All available
Great!! Coming to you very soon!
More pics @SpooPoker[/IMG]
Hermes scarve authenticity check
Recent Spring Break Finds May not interest everyone but I'm a sneaker head Sneaker 12s Charles Barkleys and Kevin Garnett's Boots 10
New Items: Allen Edmonds-Grayson 12EEE-available Cherry Popped J.Press-charcoal grey suit 44R flat front 38-available
Pics from haul available
Authenticity check @spoo
Recent haul Paul Smith London, Burberry London and Barbour Available Ties
Brand New Peter Millar Loafers Dark Brown Horse Bit Loafers (11) Tan Driving Loafers (10.5)
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