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Great condition snakeskin sneaker 11US EU43 no box. Make it offer $2100 retail
Robert Talbot Best of Class(2) Facconable Recent Hickey Freeman(2)2
Like new without tags Oxxford(2) and 1 Zegna tie. Great collection
NWOt tags Turnbull and Asser tie lot 5 ties total
Must have for any men's collection. Very recent Canali tie collection. All NWOT, made it in Italy.
Two like new without tags Recent Brioni ties made in Italy.
2 PRL one new with tags Size 14.5
Anybody interested in a Burberry Lonndon Suit size 40 double vented
Eton NWT 17.5 Shirt New
New with Tags Eton Pocket Square New Brioni Tie New Zegna NWT
New Posts  All Forums: